About Us

Instalocate is building an AI travel assistant to provide you a worry-free travel experience.

We predict that the future will be full of AI assistants who will automate our day-to-day activities like predicting health, scheduling meetings or managing our travel. At Instalocate, we are building a network of AI assistants for your travel. Our mission is to modernize the travel-day experience using a group of AI assistants. We are combining the power of machine learning, Internet of Moving Things and modern interfaces such as conversational UI and voice to reduce your travel anxiety.

Instalocate assistant tracks your flight in real time, predicts possible problems with your journey and converts your flight delays into "free" money. It is available as a chatbot inside Facebook Messenger - https://m.me/instalocate.


We are a team of Stanford University alumni and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) graduates with experience in AI, machine learning, big data and mobile. We are also a team of chaos specialists and travel-junkies, who take themselves rather lightly, but take travel very seriously. We’ve been everywhere from Amazon jungles to the Great Wall of China, and faced every bad situation that can come a traveller’s way! We’re passionate about channelling our skills into creating a seamless virtual assistance product that’ll make travel hassle-free and fun, for you.

Instalocate is well-funded by top investors from Silicon Valley such as Venky Harinarayan (Rocketship.vc, Amazon, Kosmix), Gokul Rajaram (Google, Facebook, Square) who were also early investors in Facebook and Google. It was selected by Facebook to be part of its exclusive FBStart program.


Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain

CEO & Co-founder

Pallavi Jain

Pallavi Jain

CMO & Co-founder