UPS Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

UPS Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my UPS flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask UPS to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your UPS flight.

What are my passenger rights if my UPS flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the UPS to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled UPS flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled UPS flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

UPS Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of UPS?

Please visit the of UPS to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for UPS flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of UPS to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on UPS. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

UPS (5X) Flights

Flight Source Destination
5X 335 San Juan (SJU) San Juan (JAX)
5X 9323 Rockford (RFD) Louisville (SDF)
5X 424 Miami (MIA) Miami (BOG)
5X 444 Miami (MIA) Bogota (BOG)
5X 328 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (SJU)
5X 9319 Orlando (MCO) Louisville (SDF)
5X 6203 Louisville (SDF) Cologne (CGN)
5X 9747 Seattle (BFI) Oakland (OAK)
5X 357 Managua (MGA) Managua (MIA)
5X 490 Seattle (BFI) Seattle (YVR)
5X 402 Miami (MIA) Miami (SDQ)
5X 382 Miami (MIA) Miami (UIO)
5X 9595 Peru (GUS) Louisville (SDF)
5X 412 Miami (MIA) Miami (VCP)
5X 6218 Philadelphia (PHL) Louisville (SDF)
5X 37 Sydney (SYD) Sydney (ICN)
5X 417 Bogota (BOG) Bogota (MIA)
5X 3490 Louisville (SDF) Toronto (YYZ)
5X 320 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (MEX)
5X 69 Osaka (KIX) Anchorage (ANC)
5X 38 Honolulu (HNL) Honolulu (ICN)
5X 391 San Jose (SJO) San Jose (MIA)
5X 6058 Guam (GUM) Hong Kong (HKG)
5X 340 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (SJU)
5X 339 San Juan (SJU) San Juan (SDF)
5X 384 Miami (MIA) Miami (GYE)
5X 420 Miami (MIA) Miami (MGA)
5X 33 Sydney (SYD) Sydney (ICN)
5X 355 Bogota (BOG) Bogota (MIA)
5X 334 Jacksonville (JAX) Jacksonville (SJU)
5X 313 Guadalajara (GDL) Guadalajara (SDF)
5X 443 Bogota (BOG) Miami (MIA)
5X 9306 Saint Louis (STL) Louisville (SDF)
5X 9320 Ontario (ONT) Salt Lake City (SLC)
5X 342 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (SJU)
5X 9330 Louisville (SDF) Detroit (DTW)
5X 221 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (CGN)
5X 3976 Louisville (SDF) Portland (PDX)
5X 383 Quito (UIO) Quito (MIA)
5X 3146 Buffalo (BUF) Philadelphia (PHL)
5X 425 Bogota (BOG) Bogota (MIA)
5X 2857 Phoenix (PHX) Louisville (SDF)
5X 323 Mexico City (MEX) Louisville (SDF)
5X 445 Bogota (BOG) Miami (MIA)
5X 3483 Detroit (DTW) Louisville (SDF)
5X 5506 Louisville (SDF) Dallas (DFW)
5X 34 Honolulu (HNL) Honolulu (SYD)
5X 9594 San Antonio (SAT) Dallas (DFW)
5X 312 San Antonio (SAT) San Antonio (GDL)
5X 6109 Tokyo (NRT) Anchorage (ANC)
5X 421 Panama City (PTY) Panama City (MIA)
5X 352 Miami (MIA) Miami (SAL)
5X 9308 Anchorage (ANC) Louisville (SDF)
5X 385 Quito (UIO) Quito (MIA)
5X 351 San Jose (SJO) San Jose (MIA)
5X 411 Bogota (BOG) Bogota (MIA)
5X 233 Philadelphia (PHL) Philadelphia (CGN)
5X 207 Philadelphia (PHL) Philadelphia (CGN)
5X 441 Bogota (BOG) Bogota (MIA)
5X 4197 Philadelphia (PHL) Louisville (SDF)
5X 9593 Dallas (DFW) San Antonio (SAT)
5X 390 Miami (MIA) Miami (SJO)
5X 8621 Portland (PDX) Louisville (SDF)
5X 5651 San Juan (SJU) San Juan (SDF)
5X 335 San Juan (SJU) Tampa (TPA)
5X 9313 Toronto (YYZ) Louisville (SDF)
5X 382 Miami (MIA) Miami (PTY)
5X 58 Honolulu (HNL) Guam (GUM)
5X 424 Miami (MIA) Santo Domingo (SDQ)
5X 6207 Louisville (SDF) Cologne (CGN)
5X 368 Miami (MIA) Miami (MGA)
5X 414 Miami (MIA) Miami (VCP)
5X 488 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (YYZ)
5X 9300 Miami (MIA) Louisville (SDF)
5X 48 Anchorage (ANC) Seoul (ICN)
5X 78 Anchorage (ANC) Anchorage (HKG)
5X 383 Guayaquil (GYE) Guayaquil (MIA)
5X 37 Honolulu (HNL) Honolulu (ICN)
5X 9302 Boston (BOS) Louisville (SDF)
5X 487 Toronto (YYZ) Toronto (SDF)
5X 3293 Columbia (CAE) Louisville (SDF)
5X 474 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (YMX)
5X 363 Guatemala City (GUA) Guatemala City (MIA)
5X 9593 Louisville (SDF) San Antonio (SAT)
5X 369 Panama City (PTY) Panama City (MIA)
5X 3794 El Paso (ELP) Phoenix (PHX)
5X 9598 Mobile (BFM) Louisville (SDF)
5X 26 Anchorage (ANC) Anchorage (ICN)
5X 421 San Jose (SJO) Miami (MIA)
5X 362 Miami (MIA) Guatemala City (GUA)
5X 415 Bogota (BOG) Bogota (MIA)
5X 6203 Philadelphia (PHL) Cologne (CGN)
5X 9311 Orlando (MCO) Louisville (SDF)
5X 6063 Hong Kong (HKG) Anchorage (ANC)
5X 9310 Louisville (SDF) Rockford (RFD)
5X 377 San Pedro Sula (SAP) San Pedro Sula (MIA)
5X 1801 Dallas (DFW) Louisville (SDF)
5X 379 San Pedro Sula (SAP) San Pedro Sula (MIA)
5X 9304 Dallas (DFW) Louisville (SDF)
5X 3175 Middletown (MDT) Louisville (SDF)
5X 9311 Knoxville (TYS) Louisville (SDF)
5X 354 Miami (MIA) Miami (BOG)
5X 352 Miami (MIA) Miami (GUA)
5X 205 Philadelphia (PHL) Philadelphia (STN)
5X 9654 New York (JFK) Louisville (SDF)
5X 353 Guatemala City (GUA) Guatemala City (MIA)
5X 473 Montreal (YMX) Montreal (SDF)
5X 33 Sydney (SYD) Sydney (PVG)
5X 365 Managua (MGA) Managua (MIA)
5X 385 Guayaquil (GYE) Miami (MIA)
5X 378 Miami (MIA) Miami (SAP)
5X 3194 Louisville (SDF) Philadelphia (PHL)
5X 5903 Anchorage (ANC) Taipei (TPE)
5X 3052 Manchester (MHT) Newark (EWR)
5X 235 Newark (EWR) Newark (STN)
5X 442 Miami (MIA) Bogota (BOG)
5X 384 Miami (MIA) Panama City (PTY)
5X 476 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (YHM)
5X 6327 San Juan (SJU) Louisville (SDF)
5X 350 Miami (MIA) Miami (PTY)
5X 321 Mexico City (MEX) Mexico City (SDF)
5X 376 Miami (MIA) Miami (MGA)
5X 9317 Louisville (SDF) Philadelphia (PHL)
5X 9751 Portland (PDX) Fresno (FAT)
5X 3831 Boise (BOI) Louisville (SDF)
5X 416 Miami (MIA) Miami (VCP)
5X 403 Santo Domingo (SDQ) Santo Domingo (MIA)
5X 327 San Juan (SJU) San Juan (SDF)
5X 413 Bogota (BOG) Bogota (MIA)
5X 3773 Houston (IAH) Louisville (SDF)
5X 410 Miami (MIA) Miami (VCP)
5X 6219 Louisville (SDF) Paris (CDG)
5X 213 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (CGN)
5X 6391 San Jose (SJO) Louisville (SDF)
5X 1801 Dallas (DFW) Houston (IAH)
5X 312 Louisville (SDF) Louisville (GDL)
5X 335 San Juan (SJU) San Juan (PBI)
5X 475 Hamilton (YHM) Hamilton (SDF)
5X 6335 San Juan (SJU) Louisville (SDF)
5X 364 Miami (MIA) Miami (SAL)
5X 9329 Rockford (RFD) Louisville (SDF)
5X 9532 Bogota (BOG) Miami (MIA)
5X 440 Miami (MIA) Miami (BOG)
5X 356 Miami (MIA) Miami (PTY)
5X 9315 Kansas City (MCI) Louisville (SDF)
5X 378 Miami (MIA) Managua (MGA)
5X 6425 Bogota (BOG) Miami (MIA)

UPS Information

How to check the flight status of my UPS flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of UPS.

Track UPS Flights