Lucky Air Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

Lucky Air Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my Lucky Air flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask Lucky Air to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your Lucky Air flight.

What are my passenger rights if my Lucky Air flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the Lucky Air to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled Lucky Air flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled Lucky Air flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

Lucky Air Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of Lucky Air?

Please visit the of Lucky Air to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for Lucky Air flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of Lucky Air to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on Lucky Air. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

Lucky Air (8L) Flights

Flight Source Destination
8L 9652 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (KMG)
8L 9864 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (KMG)
8L 9923 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (BSD)
8L 9995 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (INC)
8L 9614 Huai'an (HIA) Huai'an (CGO)
8L 9845 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (KOW)
8L 9966 Sanya (SYX) Sanya (KMG)
8L 9825 Xingyi (ACX) Ningbo (NGB)
8L 9838 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (LJG)
8L 9837 Lijiang (LJG) Lijiang (KWE)
8L 9912 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JHG)
8L 9984 Xian (XIY) Xian (KMG)
8L 9855 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (MIG)
8L 9678 Nha Trang (CXR) Kunming (KMG)
8L 9695 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (HIA)
8L 9641 Yancheng (YNZ) Yancheng (WNZ)
8L 9567 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (SHE)
8L 9754 Fuzhou (FOC) Fuzhou (CTU)
8L 9941 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (DLU)
8L 9709 Longyan (LCX) Longyan (NKG)
8L 9996 Yinchuan (INC) Yinchuan (KMG)
8L 9931 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (LUM)
8L 9851 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (TCZ)
8L 9956 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (KMG)
8L 9884 Nanjing (NKG) Nanjing (KMG)
8L 9746 Jieyang (SWA) Jieyang (CGO)
8L 9867 Kunming (KMG) Tianjin (TSN)
8L 9879 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (HGH)
8L 9945 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (CTU)
8L 9669 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (SWA)
8L 9823 Lijiang (LJG) Lijiang (WUH)
8L 9655 Xinzhou (WUT) Xinzhou (HRB)
8L 7368 Xian (XIY) Xian (HAK)
8L 9571 Zhengzhou (CGO) Nanning (NNG)
8L 9985 Taiyuan (TYN) Taiyuan (HET)
8L 805 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (KBV)
8L 9904 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JHG)
8L 9626 Lijiang (LJG) Lijiang (CTU)
8L 9845 Ganzhou (KOW) Ganzhou (HGH)
8L 9863 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (XUZ)
8L 853 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (CXR)
8L 9873 Ganzhou (KOW) Ganzhou (HGH)
8L 9661 Xian (XIY) Xian (LUM)
8L 822 Phuket (HKT) Phuket (CGO)
8L 9874 Ganzhou (KOW) Ganzhou (KMG)
8L 9805 Kunming (KMG) Lijiang (LJG)
8L 9976 Guangzhou (CAN) Guangzhou (KMG)
8L 9856 Mian Yang (MIG) Mian Yang (KMG)
8L 807 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (USM)
8L 9670 Jieyang (SWA) Jieyang (KMG)
8L 9568 Shenyang (SHE) Shenyang (CGO)
8L 9898 Wenzhou (WNZ) Wenzhou (KMG)
8L 833 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (PEN)
8L 9952 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (KMG)
8L 9657 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (KWE)
8L 9546 Taiyuan (TYN) Taiyuan (KMG)
8L 9628 Kangding (KGT) Chengdu (CTU)
8L 9789 Fuzhou (FOC) Fuzhou (SWA)
8L 9934 Tengchong (TCZ) Kunming (KMG)
8L 9615 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (TNA)
8L 9763 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (TNA)
8L 9633 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (HFE)
8L 9942 Dali City (DLU) Dali City (KMG)
8L 9887 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (YIC)
8L 840 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Kuala Lumpur (LJG)
8L 9892 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (WUH)
8L 9639 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (SYM)
8L 9555 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (HAK)
8L 9916 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JHG)
8L 9558 Jinzhou (JNZ) Jinzhou (KMG)
8L 9902 Kunming (KMG) Jinghong (JHG)
8L 9937 Mangshi (LUM) Mangshi (PEK)
8L 9642 Yancheng (YNZ) Yancheng (CGO)
8L 9559 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (MIG)
8L 839 Lijiang (LJG) Lijiang (KUL)
8L 9991 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (LHW)
8L 9601 Chengdu (CTU) Song Pan (JZH)
8L 9998 Urumqi (URC) Urumqi (LHW)
8L 9826 Ningbo (NGB) Xingyi (ACX)
8L 9640 Pu'er (SYM) Pu'er (KMG)
8L 834 Penang (PEN) Penang (KMG)
8L 9957 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (WUH)
8L 9656 Harbin (HRB) Harbin (WUT)
8L 9960 Anqing (AQG) Anqing (KMG)
8L 801 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (BKK)
8L 9915 Jinghong (JHG) Jinghong (KMG)
8L 9707 Taiyuan (TYN) Taiyuan (YKH)
8L 9641 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (YNZ)
8L 9983 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (XIY)
8L 9628 Lhasa (LXA) Kangding (KGT)
8L 9888 Shanghai (SHA) Shanghai (YIC)
8L 9862 Hefei (HFE) Hefei (KMG)
8L 9745 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (SWA)
8L 9613 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (HIA)
8L 9935 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (LUM)
8L 878 Bandar Seri Begawan (BWN) Bandar Seri Begawan (KMG)
8L 9522 Tengchong (TCZ) Tengchong (KMG)
8L 836 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) Kota Kinabalu (KMG)
8L 9844 Ganzhou (KOW) Ganzhou (HAK)
8L 9965 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (SYX)
8L 447 Haikou (HAK) Sydney (SYD)
8L 882 Moscow (SVO) Moscow (KMG)
8L 9953 Kunming (KMG) Zhengzhou (CGO)
8L 9869 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (WUH)
8L 9802 Lijiang (LJG) Lijiang (KMG)
8L 9865 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (TNA)
8L 9630 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (CTU)
8L 9919 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (LJG)
8L 9677 Kunming (KMG) Wenzhou (WNZ)
8L 9605 Chengdu (CTU) Dali City (DLU)
8L 9991 Lanzhou (LHW) Lanzhou (URC)
8L 9889 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (PVG)
8L 803 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (HKT)
8L 9821 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (BSD)
8L 9838 Xuzhou (XUZ) Xuzhou (KWE)
8L 9992 Urumqi (URC) Urumqi (LHW)
8L 9830 Jinan (TNA) Kunming (KMG)
8L 9848 Changchun (CGQ) Changchun (CGO)
8L 9597 Kunming (KMG) Bangkok (BKK)
8L 9997 Lanzhou (LHW) Lanzhou (URC)
8L 9972 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (KMG)
8L 9801 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (LJG)
8L 9920 Lijiang (LJG) Lijiang (KMG)
8L 9777 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (TNA)
8L 9525 Chengdu (CTU) Koh Samui (USM)
8L 9887 Yichun (YIC) Yichun (SHA)
8L 854 Nha Trang (CXR) Nha Trang (KMG)
8L 9985 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (TYN)
8L 879 Chengdu (CTU) Irkutsk (IKT)
8L 9829 Kunming (KMG) Jinan (TNA)
8L 835 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (BKI)
8L 9874 Hangzhou (HGH) Hangzhou (KOW)
8L 9609 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (HAK)
8L 9839 Lijiang (LJG) Lijiang (XIY)
8L 9602 Song Pan (JZH) Chengdu (CTU)
8L 9909 Jinghong (JHG) Jinghong (KMG)
8L 9878 Baoshan (BSD) Baoshan (XIY)
8L 9849 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (DIG)
8L 9546 Datong (DAT) Datong (TYN)
8L 9564 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (CGO)
8L 9908 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JHG)
8L 9840 Xian (XIY) Xian (LJG)
8L 9590 Jinjiang (JJN) Jinjiang (KMG)
8L 9610 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (CTU)
8L 9863 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (CKG)
8L 9843 Ganzhou (KOW) Ganzhou (KHN)
8L 9893 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (ZUH)
8L 9997 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (LHW)
8L 9842 Pu'er (SYM) Pu'er (KMG)
8L 9589 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JJN)
8L 9727 Mian Yang (MIG) Mian Yang (TSN)
8L 9822 Baoshan (BSD) Baoshan (KMG)
8L 9824 Wuhan (WUH) Wuhan (LJG)
8L 9913 Jinghong (JHG) Jinghong (KMG)
8L 9814 Kunming (KMG) Jinghong (JHG)
8L 9658 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (CGO)
8L 9880 Hangzhou (HGH) Hangzhou (KMG)
8L 9871 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (YIH)
8L 9892 Wuhan (WUH) Wuhan (KMG)
8L 9936 Mangshi (LUM) Mangshi (KMG)
8L 9545 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (TYN)
8L 9567 Kunming (KMG) Zhengzhou (CGO)
8L 806 Krabi (KBV) Krabi (KMG)
8L 9877 Xian (XIY) Xian (BSD)
8L 9951 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (CGO)
8L 9968 Sanya (SYX) Kunming (KMG)
8L 9813 Jinghong (JHG) Kunming (KMG)
8L 9782 Changsha (CSX) Changsha (XUZ)
8L 448 Sydney (SYD) Haikou (HAK)
8L 9629 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (CGO)
8L 9678 Wenzhou (WNZ) Kunming (KMG)
8L 7367 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (XIY)
8L 9644 Mangshi (LUM) Mangshi (KMG)
8L 9888 Yichun (YIC) Yichun (KMG)
8L 9753 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (FOC)
8L 9634 Hefei (HFE) Hefei (KMG)
8L 9562 Jinjiang (JJN) Jinjiang (CGO)
8L 9834 Lijiang (LJG) Jinghong (JHG)
8L 9826 Xingyi (ACX) Lijiang (LJG)
8L 9958 Wuhan (WUH) Wuhan (KMG)
8L 9651 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (CGO)
8L 9627 Chengdu (CTU) Kangding (KGT)
8L 9864 Xuzhou (XUZ) Xuzhou (CKG)
8L 9903 Jinghong (JHG) Jinghong (KMG)
8L 7181 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (PEK)
8L 9675 Kunming (KMG) Jieyang (SWA)
8L 9872 Yichang (YIH) Yichang (KMG)
8L 9655 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (WUT)
8L 9861 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (HFE)
8L 9558 Harbin (HRB) Harbin (JNZ)
8L 821 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (HKT)
8L 9764 Jinan (TNA) Jinan (CTU)
8L 9656 Zhengzhou (CGO) Lijiang (LJG)
8L 9924 Baoshan (BSD) Baoshan (KMG)
8L 9624 Hangzhou (HGH) Hangzhou (KMG)
8L 804 Phuket (HKT) Phuket (KMG)
8L 9707 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (TYN)
8L 9868 Tianjin (TSN) Kunming (KMG)
8L 802 Bangkok (BKK) Bangkok (KMG)
8L 9676 Phu Quoc (PQC) Kunming (KMG)
8L 832 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Kuala Lumpur (KMG)
8L 9521 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (TCZ)
8L 9642 Hangzhou (HGH) Kunming (KMG)
8L 9790 Jieyang (SWA) Jieyang (FOC)
8L 9557 Jinzhou (JNZ) Jinzhou (HRB)
8L 9653 Luzhou (LZO) Nanjing (NKG)
8L 9623 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (HGH)
8L 9860 Tengchong (TCZ) Chengdu (CTU)
8L 869 Xuzhou (XUZ) Xuzhou (KIX)
8L 9875 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (XMN)
8L 9711 Chengdu (CTU) Hohhot (HET)
8L 9816 Lanzhou (LHW) Mian Yang (MIG)
8L 9959 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (AQG)
8L 9891 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (WUH)
8L 9967 Kunming (KMG) Sanya (SYX)
8L 843 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (CEB)
8L 9948 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (KMG)
8L 9684 Datong (DAT) Taiyuan (TYN)
8L 9706 Jinzhou (JNZ) Jinzhou (CTU)
8L 9574 Zhanjiang (ZHA) Zhanjiang (CGO)
8L 9606 Dali City (DLU) Chengdu (CTU)
8L 9710 Nanjing (NKG) Nanjing (LCX)
8L 9773 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (SWA)
8L 9767 Chengdu (CTU) Jinghong (JHG)
8L 9557 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JNZ)
8L 844 Cebu City (CEB) Cebu City (KMG)
8L 9843 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (KOW)
8L 9891 Wuhan (WUH) Wuhan (DLC)
8L 9841 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (SYM)
8L 9585 Nanning (NNG) Denpasar (DPS)
8L 9857 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (TCZ)
8L 9910 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JHG)
8L 9906 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (JHG)
8L 9820 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (LJG)
8L 877 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (BWN)
8L 9613 Huai'an (HIA) Huai'an (NNG)
8L 9780 Jinjiang (JJN) Jinjiang (KWE)
8L 9835 Lijiang (LJG) Nanjing (NKG)
8L 9939 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (WUH)
8L 9852 Tengchong (TCZ) Tengchong (KMG)
8L 9882 Nanning (NNG) Kunming (KMG)
8L 9803 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (LJG)
8L 9790 Fuzhou (FOC) Fuzhou (XUZ)
8L 9645 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (ZAT)
8L 9642 Wenzhou (WNZ) Wenzhou (YNZ)
8L 9781 Xuzhou (XUZ) Xuzhou (CSX)
8L 870 Osaka (KIX) Osaka (XUZ)
8L 9911 Jinghong (JHG) Jinghong (KMG)
8L 808 Koh Samui (USM) Koh Samui (KMG)
8L 881 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (SVO)

Lucky Air Information

How to check the flight status of my Lucky Air flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of Lucky Air.

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