American Airlines Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

American Airlines Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my American Airlines flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask American Airlines to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your American Airlines flight.

What are my passenger rights if my American Airlines flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the American Airlines to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled American Airlines flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled American Airlines flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

American Airlines Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of American Airlines?

Please visit the baggage allowance of American Airlines to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for American Airlines flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of American Airlines to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on American Airlines. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

American Airlines (AA) Flights

Flight Source Destination
AA 7192 London (LHR) London (AMM)
AA 6773 Dublin (DUB) Dublin (LHR)
AA 6597 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (LHR)
AA 6690 Aberdeen (ABZ) Aberdeen (LHR)
AA 6360 Naples (NAP) London (LGW)
AA 8524 Valencia (VLC) Valencia (MAD)
AA 8667 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (MAD)
AA 6635 London (LHR) London (PRG)
AA 6256 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (LHR)
AA 8820 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (FCO)
AA 6296 Barcelona (BCN) London (LHR)
AA 8690 Palma Mallorca (PMI) Palma Mallorca (MAD)
AA 6526 London (LHR) London (VCE)
AA 6747 London (LHR) London (MAD)
AA 55 Chicago (ORD) Orlando (MCO)
AA 6699 Paris (ORY) London (LHR)
AA 6319 London (LHR) London (PSA)
AA 6421 Bahrain (BAH) Doha (DOH)
AA 8842 Malaga (AGP) Malaga (MAD)
AA 8535 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (BOD)
AA 6601 London (LHR) London (BUD)
AA 6376 Edinburgh (EDI) Edinburgh (LHR)
AA 6128 London (LHR) London (SEA)
AA 8545 San Sebastian (EAS) San Sebastian (MAD)
AA 6521 London (LHR) London (GLA)
AA 8814 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (LIS)
AA 6460 London (LHR) London (FCO)
AA 6669 London (LHR) London (MAA)
AA 6566 London (LHR) London (VIE)
AA 8616 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (VLC)
AA 8376 Paris (CDG) Paris (TLV)
AA 6292 London (LHR) London (BCN)
AA 8069 Frankfurt (FRA) Palma Mallorca (PMI)
AA 6652 Newcastle (NCL) Newcastle (LHR)
AA 6359 London (LHR) London (LIS)
AA 6184 London (LHR) London (MSY)
AA 8868 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (MAD)
AA 9063 Paris (CDG) Paris (AUH)
AA 69 Miami (MIA) Los Angeles (LAX)
AA 8099 Vienna (VIE) Zurich (ZRH)
AA 6312 London (LHR) London (LIN)
AA 6406 London (LHR) London (OSL)
AA 8778 Tenerife (TFS) Tenerife (MAD)
AA 741 Philadelphia (PHL) Charlotte (CLT)
AA 8512 Pamplona (PNA) Pamplona (MAD)
AA 6425 London (LHR) London (BRU)
AA 8608 Melilla (MLN) Melilla (MAD)
AA 8733 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (MAD)
AA 8764 Dublin (DUB) Madrid (MAD)
AA 87 Chicago (ORD) Portland (PDX)
AA 8798 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (VGO)
AA 8696 Madrid (MAD) Brussels (BRU)
AA 6373 London (LHR) London (EDI)
AA 6646 London (LHR) Edinburgh (EDI)
AA 737 London (LHR) Pittsburgh (PIT)
AA 749 Charlotte (CLT) Las Vegas (LAS)
AA 6765 Dublin (DUB) Dublin (LHR)
AA 8680 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ARN)
AA 6721 London (LHR) London (TXL)
AA 6166 London (LHR) London (BOS)
AA 6269 London (LHR) London (TLS)
AA 6572 London (LHR) London (LIS)
AA 8606 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (NCE)
AA 6767 Dublin (DUB) Dublin (LHR)
AA 6610 London (LHR) London (BLQ)
AA 6393 London (LGW) Naples (NAP)
AA 6650 Newcastle (NCL) Newcastle (LHR)
AA 8806 Madrid (MAD) Dakar (DKR)
AA 8989 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (HEL)
AA 6348 London (LHR) London (GVA)
AA 6471 London (LHR) London (CPH)
AA 8848 Madrid (MAD) Dubrovnik (DBV)
AA 6717 Milan (MXP) London (LHR)
AA 8840 Copenhagen (CPH) Copenhagen (MAD)
AA 8832 Sevilla (SVQ) Sevilla (MAD)
AA 6626 Manchester (MAN) Manchester (LHR)
AA 6190 London (LHR) London (SFO)
AA 6491 Glasgow (GLA) Glasgow (LHR)
AA 8803 La Coruna (LCG) La Coruna (MAD)
AA 6298 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (LHR)
AA 9000 London (LHR) London (HEL)
AA 8874 Vigo (VGO) Vigo (MAD)
AA 6413 London (LHR) Abu Dhabi (AUH)
AA 6730 London (LHR) London (HAJ)
AA 6557 Paris (CDG) Paris (LHR)
AA 6479 London (LHR) London (MAN)
AA 8702 Dusseldorf (DUS) Dusseldorf (MAD)
AA 6223 London (LHR) London (YUL)
AA 6534 London (LHR) Rome (FCO)
AA 6760 Bergen (BGO) London (LHR)
AA 6495 London (LHR) London (EDI)
AA 6482 London (LHR) London (ZRH)
AA 6308 London (LHR) London (LIN)
AA 6733 Leeds (LBA) London (LHR)
AA 6683 London (LHR) London (FCO)
AA 8980 Helsinki (HEL) Helsinki (VNO)
AA 6278 London (LHR) London (MAD)
AA 8723 Madrid (MAD) San Juan (SJU)
AA 6697 Rome (FCO) Rome (LHR)
AA 6570 London (LHR) London (KEF)
AA 6776 London (LHR) London (HAJ)
AA 8760 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (RAK)
AA 8384 Frankfurt (FRA) Frankfurt (TLV)
AA 8987 Helsinki (HEL) Helsinki (MIA)
AA 8854 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (MAD)
AA 6320 Pisa (PSA) London (LHR)
AA 6738 London (LHR) London (TXL)
AA 8826 Zurich (ZRH) Zurich (MAD)
AA 8789 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (PRG)
AA 6472 Dublin (DUB) Dublin (LHR)
AA 8781 Madrid (MAD) Barcelona (BCN)
AA 173 Raleigh/Durham (RDU) Dallas (DFW)
AA 81 London (LHR) London (DFW)
AA 9007 Helsinki (HEL) Helsinki (ZRH)
AA 8102 Barcelona (BCN) Vienna (VIE)
AA 8861 Puerto del Rosario (FUE) Madrid (MAD)
AA 8571 Madrid (MAD) Toulouse (TLS)
AA 6369 London (LHR) London (ABZ)
AA 7196 Paris (CDG) Paris (AMM)
AA 6274 Toulouse (TLS) Toulouse (LHR)
AA 6585 Aberdeen (ABZ) Aberdeen (LHR)
AA 8705 Santiago De Compostela (SCQ) Santiago De Compostela (MAD)
AA 8071 Palma Mallorca (PMI) Frankfurt (FRA)
AA 9064 Dublin (DUB) Dublin (AUH)
AA 6638 Stuttgart (STR) Stuttgart (LHR)
AA 6370 London (LHR) Stockholm (ARN)
AA 6237 London (LHR) London (AUS)
AA 8514 Pamplona (PNA) Pamplona (MAD)
AA 6397 Edinburgh (EDI) Edinburgh (LHR)
AA 6665 London (LHR) London (LUX)
AA 741 Madrid (MAD) Charlotte (CLT)
AA 6154 London (LHR) London (DFW)
AA 8663 Tenerife (TFN) Madrid (MAD)
AA 8743 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (DUB)
AA 8984 Helsinki (HEL) Joensuu (JOE)
AA 6681 Dusseldorf (DUS) Dusseldorf (LHR)
AA 6276 London (LHR) London (MAD)
AA 8613 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (MAD)
AA 6705 London (LHR) London (BHD)
AA 8004 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (DOH)
AA 6421 London (LHR) Bahrain (BAH)
AA 6329 London (LHR) Athens (ATH)
AA 9002 London (LHR) London (HEL)
AA 8527 Malaga (AGP) Malaga (MAD)
AA 8549 Alicante (ALC) Alicante (MAD)
AA 8710 Madrid (MAD) Ibiza (IBZ)
AA 723 Philadelphia (PHL) San Francisco (SFO)
AA 6504 London (LHR) London (AMS)
AA 6443 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (LHR)
AA 6452 London (LHR) London (AMS)
AA 8643 Madrid (MAD) Los Angeles (LAX)
AA 6604 London (LHR) London (MRS)
AA 6370 Reykjavik (KEF) Reykjavik (LHR)
AA 6146 London (LHR) London (JFK)
AA 8742 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ORY)
AA 6758 Bergen (BGO) London (LHR)
AA 45 New York (JFK) Seattle (SEA)
AA 9016 Dublin (DUB) Dublin (HEL)
AA 173 London (LHR) London (RDU)
AA 8819 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (MUC)
AA 8982 Helsinki (HEL) Helsinki (OUL)
AA 6743 London (LHR) London (MAD)
AA 6556 London (LHR) London (CDG)
AA 6427 London (LHR) Brussels (BRU)
AA 6251 Glasgow (GLA) Glasgow (LGW)
AA 8801 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (MAD)
AA 8835 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (CMN)
AA 6130 London (LHR) London (PHL)
AA 6732 London (LHR) Leeds (LBA)
AA 6578 Aberdeen (ABZ) Aberdeen (LHR)
AA 6751 London (LHR) Nice (NCE)
AA 6468 Vienna (VIE) Vienna (LHR)
AA 8578 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ALC)
AA 6641 London (LHR) London (VIE)
AA 6497 London (LHR) London (VIE)
AA 6559 Paris (CDG) Paris (LHR)
AA 6708 Berlin (TXL) Berlin (LHR)
AA 8739 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (PRG)
AA 9061 Dusseldorf (DUS) Abu Dhabi (AUH)
AA 6605 London (LHR) London (MRS)
AA 8685 Tenerife (TFS) Madrid (MAD)
AA 8733 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (BCN)
AA 8666 Las Palmas (LPA) Madrid (MAD)
AA 51 Dallas (DFW) Saint Louis (STL)
AA 6575 Lisbon (LIS) Lisbon (LHR)
AA 6488 Manchester (MAN) London (LHR)
AA 141 London (LHR) London (JFK)
AA 8566 Valencia (VLC) Valencia (MAD)
AA 6716 London (LHR) London (BLQ)
AA 6517 Paris (ORY) London (LHR)
AA 731 Charlotte (CLT) Tampa (TPA)
AA 105 London (LHR) London (JFK)
AA 735 Philadelphia (PHL) Las Vegas (LAS)
AA 9061 Kagoshima (KOJ) Tokyo (NRT)
AA 6702 London (LHR) Paris (ORY)
AA 6581 Frankfurt (FRA) Frankfurt (LHR)
AA 6182 London (LHR) London (LAS)
AA 8825 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ZRH)
AA 131 Birmingham (BHX) New York (JFK)
AA 6375 London (LHR) London (WAW)
AA 8639 Madrid (MAD) Boston (BOS)
AA 9010 Paris (CDG) Paris (HEL)
AA 8554 Madrid (MAD) Jerez De La Frontera (XRY)
AA 6546 Milan (MXP) Milan (LHR)
AA 6389 London (LHR) London (MAN)
AA 7434 London (LHR) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
AA 8537 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (SDR)
AA 8675 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (SDR)
AA 6431 Glasgow (GLA) Glasgow (LHR)
AA 8649 Lanzarote (ACE) Madrid (MAD)
AA 8621 Alicante (ALC) Alicante (MAD)
AA 151 Paris (CDG) Chicago (ORD)
AA 8656 Bilbao (BIO) Bilbao (MAD)
AA 6429 London (LHR) Paris (ORY)
AA 6463 London (LHR) London (HEL)
AA 6481 London (LHR) London (PRG)
AA 6339 Geneva (GVA) Geneva (LHR)
AA 8563 Ibiza (IBZ) Madrid (MAD)
AA 6711 London (LHR) Nice (NCE)
AA 8610 Turin (TRN) Turin (MAD)
AA 8749 Venice (VCE) Venice (MAD)
AA 8759 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ZRH)
AA 8660 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (BIO)
AA 6356 London (LHR) Pisa (PSA)
AA 6186 London (LHR) London (LAX)
AA 6362 Stockholm (ARN) Stockholm (LHR)
AA 6520 London (LHR) Milan (MXP)
AA 8787 Puerto del Rosario (FUE) Madrid (MAD)
AA 6394 London (LHR) London (LCA)
AA 8042 Dusseldorf (DUS) New York (JFK)
AA 6415 London (LHR) London (ACC)
AA 6661 London (LHR) London (DEL)
AA 6392 Nice (NCE) Nice (LHR)
AA 6643 London (LHR) London (VIE)
AA 8999 Helsinki (HEL) Helsinki (LHR)
AA 8631 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (IBZ)
AA 6577 Frankfurt (FRA) Frankfurt (LHR)
AA 8553 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (MLN)
AA 6284 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (LHR)
AA 6746 London (LHR) London (MAD)
AA 8637 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (MIA)
AA 7992 Paris (CDG) Paris (DOH)
AA 6540 Munich (MUC) Munich (LHR)
AA 6510 London (LHR) London (FCO)
AA 279 Edinburgh (EDI) New York (JFK)
AA 6344 London (LHR) London (GVA)
AA 745 Charlotte (CLT) Charlotte (IAH)
AA 7198 Frankfurt (FRA) Frankfurt (AMM)
AA 6507 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (LHR)
AA 8372 London (LHR) London (TLV)

American Airlines Information

What is the website of American Airlines?

The website of American Airlines is

How to reach the customer service of American Airlines?

You can contact the customer service of American Airlines on 08457-567-567.

How to do web check-in for my American Airlines flight?

The web check-in usually opens 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. Please check the airlines website to see if the web check-in is open or not.

How to check the flight status of my American Airlines flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of American Airlines.

Track American Airlines Flights