Air Algerie Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

Air Algerie Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my Air Algerie flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask Air Algerie to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your Air Algerie flight.

What are my passenger rights if my Air Algerie flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the Air Algerie to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled Air Algerie flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled Air Algerie flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

Air Algerie Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of Air Algerie?

Please visit the of Air Algerie to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for Air Algerie flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of Air Algerie to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on Air Algerie. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

Air Algerie (AH) Flights

Flight Source Destination
AH 2029 Vienna (VIE) Vienna (ALG)
AH 5010 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (DSS)
AH 1001 Paris (CDG) Paris (ALG)
AH 1193 Bordeaux (BOD) Oran (ORN)
AH 1016 Algiers (ALG) Metz/Nancy (ETZ)
AH 6541 Adrar (AZR) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1099 Lyon (LYS) Tlemcen (TLM)
AH 5201 Nouakchott (NKC) Nouakchott (ALG)
AH 2209 Frankfurt (FRA) Frankfurt (ALG)
AH 1079 Lille (LIL) Lille (ORN)
AH 6120 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (TLM)
AH 3024 Oran (ORN) Oran (IST)
AH 4305 Jeddah (JED) Constantine (CZL)
AH 2047 Geneva (GVA) Geneva (ALG)
AH 4015 Nouakchott (NKC) Nouakchott (ALG)
AH 1137 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (CFK)
AH 1196 Bejaia (BJA) Bejaia (MRS)
AH 6238 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (TMR)
AH 1025 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (ALG)
AH 1039 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (BLJ)
AH 4628 Oran (ORN) Madinah (MED)
AH 9005 Jeddah (JED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1041 Nice (NCE) Nice (ALG)
AH 4367 Madinah (MED) Madinah (ALG)
AH 5327 Bamako (BKO) Bamako (ALG)
AH 1116 Constantine (CZL) Lyon (LYS)
AH 2041 Budapest (BUD) Budapest (ALG)
AH 6026 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (CZL)
AH 9000 Tamanrasset (TMR) Algiers (ALG)
AH 4013 Casablanca (CMN) Casablanca (ALG)
AH 5208 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (DKR)
AH 1017 Metz/Nancy (ETZ) Algiers (ALG)
AH 2012 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (BCN)
AH 4320 Constantine (CZL) Jeddah (JED)
AH 5200 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (NKC)
AH 1136 Chlef (CFK) Chlef (MRS)
AH 1109 Paris (ORY) Paris (QSF)
AH 6530 Algiers (ALG) Annaba (AAE)
AH 5319 Bamako (BKO) Bamako (ALG)
AH 2055 London (LHR) London (ALG)
AH 1115 Paris (ORY) Annaba (AAE)
AH 1217 Metz/Nancy (ETZ) Metz/Nancy (ALG)
AH 1227 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (ORN)
AH 4301 Jeddah (JED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 2063 Brussels (BRU) Brussels (ALG)
AH 9006 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (DXB)
AH 1171 Mulhouse, France/Basel (MLH) Constantine (CZL)
AH 1003 Paris (CDG) Paris (ALG)
AH 1170 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (BSL)
AH 6193 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (ALG)
AH 6056 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (GJL)
AH 1222 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (LYS)
AH 2025 Rome (FCO) Rome (ALG)
AH 9023 Jeddah (JED) Oran (ORN)
AH 2001 Palma Mallorca (PMI) Palma Mallorca (ALG)
AH 1149 Paris (CDG) Paris (CFK)
AH 6181 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 1221 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (ALG)
AH 1045 Toulouse (TLS) Toulouse (ALG)
AH 1127 Marseille (MRS) Constantine (CZL)
AH 6161 Chlef (CFK) Chlef (ALG)
AH 9066 Algiers (ALG) Madinah (MED)
AH 4501 Jeddah (JED) Annaba (AAE)
AH 6184 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (ORN)
AH 1087 Paris (ORY) Paris (TLM)
AH 1157 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (AAE)
AH 9996 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (ALG)
AH 1123 Paris (ORY) Paris (CZL)
AH 6335 Tamanrasset (TMR) Illizi (VVZ)
AH 4600 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (MED)
AH 1084 Oran (ORN) Oran (CDG)
AH 9048 Algiers (ALG) Jeddah (JED)
AH 3025 Istanbul (IST) Istanbul (ORN)
AH 9115 Madinah (MED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1008 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (ORY)
AH 6191 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (ALG)
AH 4400 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (JED)
AH 4500 Annaba (AAE) Jeddah (JED)
AH 6029 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (ALG)
AH 1011 Paris (ORY) Paris (ALG)
AH 2028 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (VIE)
AH 1121 Paris (ORY) Batna (BLJ)
AH 4603 Jeddah (JED) Jeddah (ALG)
AH 1032 Algiers (ALG) Lyon (LYS)
AH 1060 Oran (ORN) Oran (ORY)
AH 1215 Paris (CDG) Paris (ALG)
AH 6310 Ouargla (OGX) Djanet (DJG)
AH 1131 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (BSK)
AH 6195 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (ALG)
AH 4321 Jeddah (JED) Ouargla (OGX)
AH 6109 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 6173 Annaba (AAE) Annaba (ALG)
AH 2013 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (ALG)
AH 6190 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (CZL)
AH 1117 Lyon (LYS) Constantine (CZL)
AH 1009 Paris (ORY) Paris (ALG)
AH 1125 Paris (ORY) Paris (BSK)
AH 1145 Paris (CDG) Paris (AAE)
AH 1151 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (AAE)
AH 6305 Ouargla (OGX) Ouargla (ALG)
AH 1208 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (CDG)
AH 9004 Algiers (ALG) Jeddah (JED)
AH 6185 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 1021 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (ALG)
AH 6001 Annaba (AAE) Annaba (ALG)
AH 6473 Illizi (VVZ) Algiers (ALG)
AH 2014 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (BCN)
AH 5010 Algiers (ALG) Dakar (DKR)
AH 2701 Montreal (YUL) Montreal (ALG)
AH 6150 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (TIN)
AH 1108 Setif (QSF) Setif (ORY)
AH 9095 Madinah (MED) Annaba (AAE)
AH 1223 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (ALG)
AH 3015 Istanbul (SAW) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1146 Jijel (GJL) Marseille (MRS)
AH 4323 Madinah (MED) Madinah (ALG)
AH 9002 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (DXB)
AH 1078 Oran (ORN) Lille (LIL)
AH 6213 Setif (QSF) Setif (ALG)
AH 4302 Constantine (CZL) Jeddah (JED)
AH 4450 Annaba (AAE) Jeddah (JED)
AH 1037 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (ALG)
AH 2017 Alicante (ALC) Alicante (ORN)
AH 2201 Brussels (BRU) Brussels (ALG)
AH 1019 Paris (ORY) Bejaia (BJA)
AH 2071 Frankfurt (FRA) Frankfurt (ALG)
AH 9047 Jeddah (JED) Annaba (AAE)
AH 6225 Hassi Messaoud (HME) Hassi Messaoud (ALG)
AH 4401 Jeddah (JED) Jeddah (CZL)
AH 9000 Algiers (ALG) Djanet (DJG)
AH 4601 Madinah (MED) Madinah (ALG)
AH 1081 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (ORN)
AH 6408 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (ELG)
AH 6187 Oran (ORN) Algiers (ALG)
AH 9001 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (DXB)
AH 1144 Annaba (AAE) Annaba (CDG)
AH 4632 Ouargla (OGX) Ouargla (JED)
AH 4002 Algiers (ALG) Tunis (TUN)
AH 1199 Nice (NCE) Nice (CZL)
AH 6581 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 1038 Batna (BLJ) Batna (LYS)
AH 4300 Algiers (ALG) Jeddah (JED)
AH 6072 Algiers (ALG) Laghouat (LOO)
AH 1061 Paris (ORY) Paris (ORN)
AH 2704 Algiers (ALG) Montreal (YUL)
AH 6591 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (ALG)
AH 1197 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (BJA)
AH 6239 Ghardaia (GHA) Ghardaia (ALG)
AH 2005 Alicante (ALC) Alicante (ALG)
AH 2007 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ALG)
AH 6233 Djanet (DJG) Djanet (ALG)
AH 1427 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (CZL)
AH 2207 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ALG)
AH 1085 Paris (CDG) Paris (ORN)
AH 6008 Algiers (ALG) Annaba (AAE)
AH 1093 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (TLM)
AH 1192 Oran (ORN) Bordeaux (BOD)
AH 2021 Alicante (ALC) Alicante (ORN)
AH 1077 Toulouse (TLS) Toulouse (ORN)
AH 6117 Tlemcen (TLM) Tlemcen (ALG)
AH 2027 Milan (MXP) Milan (ALG)
AH 2070 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (FRA)
AH 6107 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 3005 Lisbon (LIS) Lisbon (ALG)
AH 1069 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (ORN)
AH 4339 Madinah (MED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1114 Annaba (AAE) Paris (ORY)
AH 1023 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (ALG)
AH 6183 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 6319 Ouargla (OGX) Ouargla (ALG)
AH 1022 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (MRS)
AH 1107 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (BLJ)
AH 1220 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (MRS)
AH 1013 Paris (CDG) Paris (ALG)
AH 1165 Marseille (MRS) Constantine (CZL)
AH 4064 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (AMM)
AH 4451 Jeddah (JED) Annaba (AAE)
AH 1139 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (BJA)
AH 2046 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (GVA)
AH 1198 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (NCE)
AH 6111 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 2004 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (ALC)
AH 5320 Bamako (BKO) Abidjan (ABJ)
AH 9052 Algiers (ALG) Jeddah (JED)
AH 1163 Paris (CDG) Paris (ELU)
AH 1227 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 4012 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (CMN)
AH 1189 Marseille (MRS) Batna (BLJ)
AH 9075 Madinah (MED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1015 Paris (CDG) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1145 Paris (ORY) Paris (AAE)
AH 1021 Marseille (MRS) Marseille (ALG)
AH 6229 Hassi Messaoud (HME) Hassi Messaoud (ALG)
AH 4353 Madinah (MED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 4607 Jeddah (JED) Jeddah (ALG)
AH 1461 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (CZL)
AH 6040 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (BSK)
AH 3061 Beijing (PEK) Beijing (ALG)
AH 6007 Annaba (AAE) Annaba (ALG)
AH 4606 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (JED)
AH 6112 Algiers (ALG) Oran (ORN)
AH 1426 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (MRS)
AH 3023 Istanbul (IST) Istanbul (CZL)
AH 6472 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (DJG)
AH 2208 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (FRA)
AH 2015 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (ALG)
AH 6465 Adrar (AZR) In Salah (INZ)
AH 6577 Ouargla (OGX) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1049 Lille (LIL) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1106 Batna (BLJ) Batna (MRS)
AH 6297 In Salah (INZ) In Salah (ALG)
AH 6577 Ghardaia (GHA) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1171 null (EAP) Constantine (CZL)
AH 9022 Algiers (ALG) Jeddah (JED)
AH 1071 Montpellier (MPL) Montpellier (ALG)
AH 2054 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (LHR)
AH 2062 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (BRU)
AH 1005 Paris (ORY) Paris (ALG)
AH 1209 Paris (CDG) Paris (ALG)
AH 5322 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (OUA)
AH 6180 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (ORN)
AH 9045 Jeddah (JED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 6052 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (BJA)
AH 9121 Madinah (MED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 6530 Algiers (ALG) Constantine (CZL)
AH 2031 Milan (MXP) Annaba (AAE)
AH 2206 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (MAD)
AH 1130 Biskra (BSK) Biskra (LYS)
AH 1075 Lille (LIL) Lille (ALG)
AH 1154 Setif (QSF) Setif (LYS)
AH 1225 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (ALG)
AH 1113 Paris (ORY) Paris (BJA)
AH 6540 Algiers (ALG) Adrar (AZR)
AH 6019 Constantine (CZL) Constantine (ALG)
AH 4070 Algiers (ALG) Dubai (DXB)
AH 1024 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (MRS)
AH 9043 Jeddah (JED) Algiers (ALG)
AH 1126 Constantine (CZL) Marseille (MRS)
AH 1007 Paris (ORY) Paris (ALG)
AH 5325 Niamey (NIM) Niamey (ALG)
AH 6222 Algiers (ALG) Algiers (HME)
AH 1144 Annaba (AAE) Annaba (ORY)
AH 4338 Algiers (ALG) Madinah (MED)
AH 1171 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse (CZL)
AH 1155 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (QSF)
AH 2019 Barcelona (BCN) Barcelona (ORN)
AH 6383 Hassi Messaoud (HME) Oran (ORN)
AH 1191 Bordeaux (BOD) Bordeaux (ALG)
AH 6101 Oran (ORN) Oran (ALG)
AH 1119 Paris (CDG) Paris (CZL)

Air Algerie Information

What is the website of Air Algerie?

The website of Air Algerie is

How to reach the customer service of Air Algerie?

You can contact the customer service of Air Algerie on +33 (0) 1 47 03 74 10.

How to check the flight status of my Air Algerie flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of Air Algerie.

Track Air Algerie Flights