China Express Air Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

China Express Air Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my China Express Air flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask China Express Air to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your China Express Air flight.

What are my passenger rights if my China Express Air flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the China Express Air to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled China Express Air flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled China Express Air flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

China Express Air Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of China Express Air?

Please visit the of China Express Air to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for China Express Air flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of China Express Air to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on China Express Air. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

China Express Air (G5) Flights

Flight Source Destination
G5 2647 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (XNN)
G5 2784 Zhengzhou (CGO) Chongqing (CKG)
G5 2892 Libo City (LLB) Libo City (KWE)
G5 2901 Ulanqab (UCB) Ulanqab (TSN)
G5 4304 Shijiazhuang (SJW) Shijiazhuang (DLC)
G5 2793 Ulanhot (HLH) Ulanhot (HRB)
G5 2789 Chongqing (CKG) Guilin (KWL)
G5 4364 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (CKG)
G5 2902 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (UCB)
G5 2923 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (DBC)
G5 2848 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (BAV)
G5 2887 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (ERL)
G5 2782 Tianshui (THQ) Tianshui (CKG)
G5 2727 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (AEB)
G5 2852 Hechi (HCJ) Guilin (KWL)
G5 2876 Ulanhot (HLH) Ulanhot (HET)
G5 2840 Dongsheng (DSN) Dongsheng (CKG)
G5 2706 Tongren (TEN) Tongren (KWE)
G5 2679 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (ZHA)
G5 2929 Guiyang (KWE) Xingyi (ACX)
G5 2816 Jining (JNG) Jining (XIY)
G5 2815 Xian (XIY) Xian (JNG)
G5 2728 Baise (AEB) Baise (CKG)
G5 2639 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (TEN)
G5 2682 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (TVS)
G5 2826 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (BAV)
G5 2698 Taiyuan (TYN) Taiyuan (YBP)
G5 2678 Tianjin (TSN) Dalian (DLC)
G5 2758 Bijie (BFJ) Bijie (CKG)
G5 2788 Xian (XIY) Hanzhong (HZG)
G5 2628 Kunming (KMG) Kunming (NNY)
G5 4301 Jinan (TNA) Jinan (YNT)
G5 2649 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (AVA)
G5 2750 Lanzhou (LHW) Lanzhou (CKG)
G5 2653 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (KWL)
G5 2719 Chengdu (CTU) Guiyang (KWE)
G5 2643 Chongqing (CKG) Liuzhou (LZH)
G5 2648 Xining (XNN) Xining (HET)
G5 2611 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (ACX)
G5 2668 Yinchuan (INC) Guyuan (GYU)
G5 2753 Hailar (HLD) Jiagedaqi District (JGD)
G5 2656 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (ZQZ)
G5 2844 Luliang (LLV) Luliang (CKG)
G5 4303 Shijiazhuang (SJW) Shijiazhuang (XNN)
G5 2815 Jining (JNG) Jining (DLC)
G5 91 Toronto (YYZ) Montreal (YUL)
G5 2676 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (LLF)
G5 2697 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (YBP)
G5 2615 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (ACX)
G5 2695 Xiangyang (XFN) Xiangyang (HGH)
G5 2852 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (BAV)
G5 4382 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (CTU)
G5 2719 Hohhot (HET) Xilinhot (XIL)
G5 2724 Hangzhou (HGH) Hangzhou (DOY)
G5 2720 Guiyang (KWE) Chengdu (CTU)
G5 2708 Liping (HZH) Liping (KWE)
G5 2843 Luliang (LLV) Luliang (TSN)
G5 2857 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (CIF)
G5 4384 Xingyi (ACX) Xingyi (CKG)
G5 2839 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (HLH)
G5 2651 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (HLH)
G5 2907 Tianshui (THQ) Tianshui (HGH)
G5 2837 Chongqing (CKG) Mei Xian (MXZ)
G5 2865 Baotou (BAV) Baotou (TYN)
G5 2886 Hohhot (HET) Xian (XIY)
G5 91 Montreal (YUL) Madrid (MAD)
G5 2803 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (TGO)
G5 2919 Xian (XIY) Tongren (TEN)
G5 2868 Manzhouli (NZH) Manzhouli (HET)
G5 4383 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (ACX)
G5 2907 Xian (XIY) Xian (THQ)
G5 2622 Bijie (BFJ) Bijie (KWE)
G5 2785 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (WUT)
G5 4329 Xian (XIY) Xian (HET)
G5 2655 Zhangjiakou (ZQZ) Zhangjiakou (TSN)
G5 2744 Ulanhot (HLH) Ulanhot (HET)
G5 2780 Fuzhou (FOC) Fuzhou (HJJ)
G5 2613 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (ACX)
G5 4379 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (KWE)
G5 2691 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (HZG)
G5 2609 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (ACX)
G5 2699 Chongqing (CKG) Zhanjiang (ZHA)
G5 2874 Manzhouli (NZH) Manzhouli (HET)
G5 2846 Baotou (BAV) Xian (XIY)
G5 141 Bermuda (BDA) Madrid (MAD)
G5 2764 Changsha (CSX) Changsha (WGN)
G5 2621 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (BFJ)
G5 2611 Chongqing (CKG) Guiyang (KWE)
G5 2843 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (LLV)
G5 2748 Pu'er (SYM) Pu'er (CKG)
G5 2667 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (GYU)
G5 4329 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (TGO)
G5 2779 Huaihua (HJJ) Huaihua (FOC)
G5 2672 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (BFJ)
G5 2692 Hanzhong (HZG) Hanzhong (CKG)
G5 2702 Xiamen (XMN) Xiamen (BFJ)
G5 4304 Xining (XNN) Xining (SJW)
G5 4301 Baotou (BAV) Baotou (TNA)
G5 4371 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (KWE)
G5 2655 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (ZQZ)
G5 2754 Hailar (HLD) Hailar (HET)
G5 2861 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (CIF)
G5 2671 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (BFJ)
G5 2626 Tianjin (TSN) Qiaoli (LFQ)
G5 2798 Handan (HDG) Chongqing (CKG)
G5 2794 Harbin (HRB) Harbin (HLH)
G5 2926 Jixi (JXA) Jixi (DLC)
G5 2604 Hechi (HCJ) Chongqing (CKG)
G5 2851 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (BHY)
G5 2925 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (JXA)
G5 2687 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (CIH)
G5 2723 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (DOY)
G5 2629 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (BFJ)
G5 2828 Tianshui (THQ) Xian (XIY)
G5 2840 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (DSN)
G5 2782 Xian (XIY) Xian (THQ)
G5 2763 Shaoyang (WGN) Shaoyang (CSX)
G5 2671 Bijie (BFJ) Bijie (CTU)
G5 2768 Ulanqab (UCB) Ulanqab (CKG)
G5 2766 Liuzhou (LZH) Liuzhou (CKG)
G5 2735 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (YTY)
G5 2679 Zhanjiang (ZHA) Zhuhai (ZUH)
G5 2925 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (DLC)
G5 2681 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (TVS)
G5 2712 Nanyang (NNY) Chongqing (CKG)
G5 2865 Taiyuan (TYN) Taiyuan (KWL)
G5 2628 Nanyang (NNY) Nanyang (DLC)
G5 4319 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (ERL)
G5 4305 Zhanjiang (ZHA) Zhanjiang (DMK)
G5 2837 Xian (XIY) Xian (DAX)
G5 2910 Wuhan (WUH) Wuhan (WDS)
G5 4313 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (LLB)
G5 2675 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (LLF)
G5 2902 Ulanqab (UCB) Ulanqab (XIY)
G5 81 Bogota (BOG) Barcelona (BCN)
G5 2607 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (LZH)
G5 2871 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (CHG)
G5 2696 Xiangyang (XFN) Xiangyang (CKG)
G5 2757 Bijie (BFJ) Bijie (HAK)
G5 2707 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (HZH)
G5 2761 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (BAV)
G5 2776 Arxan (YIE) Arxan (HET)
G5 2675 Yongzhou (LLF) Yongzhou (HAK)
G5 2622 Luzhou (LZO) Guiyang (KWE)
G5 4380 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (CTU)
G5 4316 Wenzhou (WNZ) Wenzhou (BFJ)
G5 2797 Chongqing (CKG) Handan (HDG)
G5 2875 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (HLH)
G5 2910 Shiyan (WDS) Shiyan (CKG)
G5 2783 Chongqing (CKG) Zhengzhou (CGO)
G5 2683 Xian (XIY) Hohhot (HET)
G5 2601 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (ACX)
G5 4378 Xian (XIY) Xian (CTU)
G5 2646 Guiyang (KWE) Chengdu (CTU)
G5 2638 Tongren (TEN) Chongqing (CKG)
G5 2682 Bijie (BFJ) Guiyang (KWE)
G5 2891 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (LLB)
G5 2631 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (FUG)
G5 2723 Dongying (DOY) Dongying (HGH)
G5 2721 Hohhot (HET) Wu Hai (WUA)
G5 2645 Chengdu (CTU) Guiyang (KWE)
G5 2701 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (BFJ)
G5 2632 Fuyang (FUG) Fuyang (CKG)
G5 2801 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (CIF)
G5 4320 Eren Hot (ERL) Eren Hot (HET)
G5 2888 Eren Hot (ERL) Eren Hot (HET)
G5 2767 Ulanqab (UCB) Ulanqab (SHE)
G5 2682 Tangshan (TVS) Tangshan (CKG)
G5 2765 Liuzhou (LZH) Liuzhou (HAK)
G5 2852 Beihai (BHY) Beihai (KWE)
G5 2869 Guiyang (KWE) Libo City (LLB)
G5 2862 Chifeng (CIF) Chifeng (HET)
G5 2816 Dongsheng (DSN) Ulanqab (UCB)
G5 4302 Yantai (YNT) Yantai (TNA)
G5 2649 An Shun (AVA) An Shun (HAK)
G5 2620 Bijie (BFJ) Bijie (KWE)
G5 2670 Guyuan (GYU) Guyuan (TSN)
G5 2623 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (KWE)
G5 2650 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (AVA)
G5 2642 Zhengzhou (CGO) Zhengzhou (TEN)
G5 2642 Tongren (TEN) Tongren (KWE)
G5 2618 Xingyi (ACX) Xingyi (KWE)
G5 2633 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (JIQ)
G5 4320 Shenyang (SHE) Shenyang (ERL)
G5 2827 Xian (XIY) Tianshui (THQ)
G5 2654 Guilin (KWL) Guilin (CKG)
G5 2616 Xingyi (ACX) Xingyi (KWE)
G5 2689 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (LHW)
G5 2742 Tongliao (TGO) Tongliao (HET)
G5 2838 Mei Xian (MXZ) Chongqing (CKG)
G5 2897 Zhangjiakou (ZQZ) Zhangjiakou (DLC)
G5 2681 Tangshan (TVS) Tangshan (DLC)
G5 2838 Haikou (HAK) Haikou (DAX)
G5 2866 Guilin (KWL) Guilin (TYN)
G5 4314 Libo City (LLB) Libo City (KWE)
G5 2885 Xian (XIY) Hohhot (HET)
G5 2839 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (DSN)
G5 2687 Changzhi (CIH) Changzhi (TYN)
G5 2643 Weihai (WEH) Weihai (DLC)
G5 2905 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (THQ)
G5 2636 Yulin (UYN) Yulin (CKG)
G5 2707 Liping (HZH) Liping (WNZ)
G5 2605 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (LLB)
G5 2668 Guyuan (GYU) Guyuan (CKG)
G5 2892 Nanning (NNG) Nanning (LLB)
G5 2781 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (THQ)
G5 2753 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (HLD)
G5 4381 Chengdu (CTU) Chengdu (KWE)
G5 2869 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (YNJ)
G5 2704 Tongren (TEN) Tongren (KWE)
G5 2844 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin (LLV)
G5 2882 Tianjin (TSN) Dalian (DLC)
G5 2705 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (TEN)
G5 2909 Shiyan (WDS) Shiyan (WUH)
G5 2731 Xiangyang (XFN) Dalian (DLC)
G5 2898 Zhangjiakou (ZQZ) Zhangjiakou (XIY)
G5 2627 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (NNY)
G5 4303 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (SJW)
G5 2731 Chongqing (CKG) Xiangyang (XFN)
G5 2926 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (TSN)
G5 2713 Guiyang (KWE) Xingyi (ACX)
G5 2762 Baotou (BAV) Baotou (CKG)
G5 2743 Hohhot (HET) Hohhot (HLH)
G5 2634 Qianjiang (JIQ) Qianjiang (CKG)
G5 2802 Chifeng (CIF) Chifeng (DLC)
G5 2901 Xian (XIY) Xian (UCB)
G5 2847 Baotou (BAV) Baotou (TSN)
G5 2720 Harbin (HRB) Xilinhot (XIL)
G5 4330 Tongliao (TGO) Tongliao (HET)
G5 2608 Liuzhou (LZH) Liuzhou (CKG)
G5 2707 Chongqing (CKG) Zhanjiang (ZHA)
G5 2825 Baotou (BAV) Baotou (CGO)
G5 4306 Bangkok (DMK) Bangkok (ZHA)
G5 2908 Hangzhou (HGH) Hangzhou (THQ)
G5 2697 Yibin (YBP) Yibin (TYN)
G5 2619 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (BFJ)
G5 2836 Chengde (CDE) Chengde (XIY)
G5 2762 Dalian (DLC) Dalian (BAV)
G5 2708 Wenzhou (WNZ) Wenzhou (HZH)
G5 2924 Baicheng (DBC) Baicheng (TSN)
G5 2703 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (TEN)
G5 2711 Chongqing (CKG) Nanyang (NNY)
G5 2763 Chongqing (CKG) Chongqing (WGN)
G5 2837 Dazhou (DAX) Dazhou (HAK)
G5 2906 Tianshui (THQ) Tianshui (TSN)
G5 2641 Guiyang (KWE) Guiyang (TEN)
G5 2769 Chongqing (CKG) Ulanqab (UCB)
G5 2702 Bijie (BFJ) Bijie (CKG)
G5 2621 Guiyang (KWE) Luzhou (LZO)
G5 2627 Nanyang (NNY) Nanyang (KMG)

China Express Air Information

How to check the flight status of my China Express Air flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of China Express Air.

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