Iran Air Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

Iran Air Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my Iran Air flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask Iran Air to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your Iran Air flight.

What are my passenger rights if my Iran Air flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the Iran Air to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled Iran Air flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled Iran Air flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

Iran Air Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of Iran Air?

Please visit the of Iran Air to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for Iran Air flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of Iran Air to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on Iran Air. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

Iran Air (IR) Flights

Flight Source Destination
IR 486 Mashad (MHD) Zahedan (ZAH)
IR 325 Shiraz (SYZ) Tehran (THR)
IR 340 Tabriz (TBZ) Mashad (MHD)
IR 244 Rasht (RAS) Tehran (THR)
IR 461 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (THR)
IR 464 Tehran (THR) Mashad (MHD)
IR 254 Tehran (THR) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 715 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (ESB)
IR 382 Tehran (THR) Tehran (ZAH)
IR 391 Mashad (MHD) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 741 Tehran (IKA) Saint Petersburg (LED)
IR 718 Istanbul (IST) Istanbul (IKA)
IR 684 Doha (DOH) Doha (LRR)
IR 3322 Ramsar (RZR) Ramsar (THR)
IR 495 Tehran (THR) Tehran (ADU)
IR 668 Kuwait (KWI) Kuwait (MHD)
IR 332 Ahwaz (AWZ) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 813 Karachi (KHI) Tehran (IKA)
IR 494 Ardabil (ADU) Ardabil (THR)
IR 290 Tabriz (TBZ) Ahwaz (AWZ)
IR 433 Shiraz (SYZ) Ahwaz (AWZ)
IR 253 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 260 Tehran (THR) Tehran (MHD)
IR 2889 Istanbul (IST) Vienna (VIE)
IR 424 Tehran (THR) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 481 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 377 Kerman (KER) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 733 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (ORY)
IR 680 Dubai (DXB) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 421 Kish Island (KIH) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 452 Rasht (RAS) Mashad (MHD)
IR 430 Ahwaz (AWZ) Ahwaz (THR)
IR 256 Tehran (THR) Bandar Abbas (BND)
IR 299 Yazd (AZD) Yazd (THR)
IR 471 Shiraz (SYZ) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 377 Zahedan (ZAH) Kerman (KER)
IR 714 Ankara (ESB) Ankara (IKA)
IR 654 Dubai (DXB) Tehran (IKA)
IR 377 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 264 Abadan (ABD) Tehran (THR)
IR 418 Ahwaz (AWZ) Tehran (THR)
IR 659 Tehran (IKA) Dubai (DXB)
IR 350 Tehran (THR) Kish Island (KIH)
IR 655 Tehran (IKA) Dubai (DXB)
IR 659 Dubai (DXB) Dubai (IKA)
IR 717 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (VIE)
IR 245 Tehran (THR) Rasht (RAS)
IR 247 Gorgon (GBT) Tehran (THR)
IR 658 Dubai (DXB) Tehran (IKA)
IR 405 Tehran (THR) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 374 Tehran (THR) Tehran (ZAH)
IR 518 Mashad (MHD) Karachi (KHI)
IR 291 Ahwaz (AWZ) Tabriz (TBZ)
IR 410 Ahwaz (AWZ) Ahwaz (THR)
IR 680 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (DXB)
IR 274 Nazluy-ye Jonubi (OMH) Tehran (THR)
IR 497 Tehran (THR) Ardabil (ADU)
IR 263 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (THR)
IR 447 Tehran (THR) Tabriz (TBZ)
IR 273 Tehran (THR) Nazluy-ye Jonubi (OMH)
IR 482 Yazd (AZD) Mashad (MHD)
IR 727 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (GOT)
IR 675 Lar (LRR) Lar (KWI)
IR 311 Tehran (THR) Ahwaz (AWZ)
IR 466 Tehran (THR) Mashad (MHD)
IR 428 Tehran (THR) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 277 Tehran (THR) Tehran (OMH)
IR 236 Tehran (THR) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 384 Tehran (THR) Bandar Abbas (BND)
IR 275 Tehran (THR) Nazluy-ye Jonubi (OMH)
IR 431 Tehran (THR) Tehran (AWZ)
IR 324 Tehran (THR) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 213 Mashad (MHD) Birjand (XBJ)
IR 349 Bandar Abbas (BND) Tabriz (TBZ)
IR 222 Tehran (THR) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 475 Kerman (KER) Kerman (THR)
IR 258 Shiraz (SYZ) Mashad (MHD)
IR 685 Lar (LRR) Lar (DOH)
IR 729 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (CGN)
IR 719 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (IST)
IR 3333 Tehran (THR) Tehran (DEF)
IR 419 Tehran (THR) Tehran (AWZ)
IR 681 Dubai (DXB) Dubai (IFN)
IR 810 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (BOM)
IR 751 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (MXP)
IR 3311 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 750 Milan (MXP) Milan (IKA)
IR 445 Tehran (THR) Tehran (TBZ)
IR 420 Isfahan (IFN) Kish Island (KIH)
IR 711 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (LHR)
IR 235 Bandar Lengeh (BDH) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 429 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (THR)
IR 242 Rasht (RAS) Rasht (THR)
IR 342 Tabriz (TBZ) Tehran (THR)
IR 2884 Vienna (VIE) Vienna (IST)
IR 655 Dubai (DXB) Dubai (IKA)
IR 406 Bushehr (BUZ) Bushehr (THR)
IR 3332 Dezful (DEF) Dezful (THR)
IR 677 Bandar Abbas (BND) Bandar Abbas (DXB)
IR 739 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (FCO)
IR 295 Yazd (AZD) Yazd (THR)
IR 456 Tehran (THR) Bandar Abbas (BND)
IR 725 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (AMS)
IR 357 Mashad (MHD) Abadan (ABD)
IR 444 Tabriz (TBZ) Tabriz (THR)
IR 285 Tehran (THR) Kermanshah (KSH)
IR 3319 Sary (SRY) Sary (THR)
IR 339 Bandar Abbas (BND) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 724 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (IKA)
IR 738 Rome (FCO) Rome (IKA)
IR 326 Tehran (THR) Tehran (LRR)
IR 712 Stockholm (ARN) Stockholm (IKA)
IR 483 Mashad (MHD) Yazd (AZD)
IR 3313 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 319 Tehran (THR) Tehran (BUZ)
IR 732 Paris (ORY) Paris (IKA)
IR 682 Doha (DOH) Doha (SYZ)
IR 723 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (HAM)
IR 333 Isfahan (IFN) Ahwaz (AWZ)
IR 446 Tabriz (TBZ) Tabriz (THR)
IR 3309 Shahrud (RUD) Shahrud (THR)
IR 726 Gothenburg (GOT) Gothenburg (IKA)
IR 217 Birjand (XBJ) Birjand (THR)
IR 380 Tehran (THR) Chah Bahar (ZBR)
IR 237 Isfahan (IFN) Tehran (THR)
IR 234 Tehran (THR) Tehran (SYZ)
IR 467 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (THR)
IR 269 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (THR)
IR 220 Tehran (THR) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 465 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (THR)
IR 407 Tehran (THR) Tehran (BUZ)
IR 662 Beirut (BEY) Beirut (MHD)
IR 212 Tehran (THR) Birjand (XBJ)
IR 411 Tehran (THR) Ahwaz (AWZ)
IR 215 Qeshm Island (GSM) Qeshm Island (THR)
IR 672 Kuwait (KWI) Kuwait (AWZ)
IR 310 Ahwaz (AWZ) Ahwaz (THR)
IR 519 Karachi (KHI) Mashad (MHD)
IR 261 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (THR)
IR 298 Tehran (THR) Yazd (AZD)
IR 654 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (DXB)
IR 403 Mashad (MHD) Ahwaz (AWZ)
IR 496 Ardabil (ADU) Tehran (THR)
IR 443 Tehran (THR) Tabriz (TBZ)
IR 255 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 243 Tehran (THR) Tehran (RAS)
IR 234 Shiraz (SYZ) Bandar Lengeh (BDH)
IR 218 Sanandaj (SDG) Sanandaj (THR)
IR 814 Tehran (IKA) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
IR 296 Tehran (THR) Yazd (AZD)
IR 289 Tehran (THR) Kermanshah (KSH)
IR 426 Tehran (THR) Tehran (SYZ)
IR 665 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (KWI)
IR 742 Moscow (SVO) Moscow (IKA)
IR 3358 Tehran (THR) Tehran (GBT)
IR 713 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (ARN)
IR 288 Kermanshah (KSH) Kermanshah (THR)
IR 716 Vienna (VIE) Vienna (IKA)
IR 376 Isfahan (IFN) Kerman (KER)
IR 1874 Istanbul (IST) Tehran (IKA)
IR 658 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (DXB)
IR 268 Tehran (THR) Mashad (MHD)
IR 710 London (LHR) London (IKA)
IR 3323 Tehran (THR) Tehran (RZR)
IR 728 Cologne (CGN) Cologne (IKA)
IR 279 Tehran (THR) Nazluy-ye Jonubi (OMH)
IR 259 Mashad (MHD) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 458 Tehran (THR) Bandar Abbas (BND)
IR 669 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (KWI)
IR 283 Tehran (THR) Tehran (KSH)
IR 3342 Now Shahr (NSH) Now Shahr (THR)
IR 453 Mashad (MHD) Rasht (RAS)
IR 404 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (THR)
IR 3385 Yazd (AZD) Yazd (THR)
IR 351 Kish Island (KIH) Kish Island (THR)
IR 379 Zahedan (ZAH) Zahedan (THR)
IR 657 Shiraz (SYZ) Dubai (DXB)
IR 666 Kuwait (KWI) Kuwait (IFN)
IR 673 Ahwaz (AWZ) Kuwait (KWI)
IR 257 Bandar Abbas (BND) Bandar Abbas (THR)
IR 415 Tehran (THR) Bushehr (BUZ)
IR 348 Tabriz (TBZ) Bandar Abbas (BND)
IR 239 Isfahan (IFN) Tehran (THR)
IR 664 Kuwait (KWI) Kuwait (SYZ)
IR 3301 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 3359 Gorgon (GBT) Gorgon (THR)
IR 284 Kermanshah (KSH) Kermanshah (THR)
IR 3310 Tehran (THR) Tehran (IFN)
IR 286 Kermanshah (KSH) Kermanshah (THR)
IR 720 Frankfurt (FRA) Frankfurt (IKA)
IR 660 Beirut (BEY) Beirut (IKA)
IR 383 Zahedan (ZAH) Zahedan (THR)
IR 293 Yazd (AZD) Yazd (THR)
IR 265 Tehran (THR) Abadan (ABD)
IR 378 Tehran (THR) Zahedan (ZAH)
IR 468 Tehran (THR) Mashad (MHD)
IR 667 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (KWI)
IR 3411 Tehran (IKA) Al-Najaf (NJF)
IR 235 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (THR)
IR 246 Tehran (THR) Gorgon (GBT)
IR 812 Tehran (IKA) Karachi (KHI)
IR 292 Tehran (THR) Tehran (AZD)
IR 252 Tehran (THR) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 282 Kermanshah (KSH) Kermanshah (THR)
IR 390 Isfahan (IFN) Mashad (MHD)
IR 337 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 233 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (THR)
IR 683 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (DOH)
IR 287 Tehran (THR) Kermanshah (KSH)
IR 3327 Jahrom (JAR) Jahrom (THR)
IR 3430 Parsabad (PFQ) Parsabad (THR)
IR 223 Isfahan (IFN) Isfahan (THR)
IR 3312 Tehran (THR) Tehran (IFN)
IR 427 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (THR)
IR 469 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (THR)
IR 314 Tehran (THR) Isfahan (IFN)
IR 385 Bandar Abbas (BND) Bandar Abbas (THR)
IR 381 Chah Bahar (ZBR) Tehran (THR)
IR 743 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (SVO)
IR 238 Tehran (THR) Tehran (IFN)
IR 460 Tehran (THR) Mashad (MHD)
IR 232 Tehran (THR) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 674 Kuwait (KWI) Kuwait (LRR)
IR 262 Tehran (THR) Mashad (MHD)
IR 677 Dubai (DXB) Dubai (DXB)
IR 341 Mashad (MHD) Tabriz (TBZ)
IR 663 Mashad (MHD) Mashad (BEY)
IR 459 Bandar Abbas (BND) Bandar Abbas (THR)
IR 267 Mashad (MHD) Ardabil (ADU)
IR 656 Dubai (DXB) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 422 Tehran (THR) Shiraz (SYZ)
IR 425 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (THR)
IR 338 Shiraz (SYZ) Bandar Abbas (BND)
IR 3330 Rasht (RAS) Rasht (THR)
IR 297 Yazd (AZD) Yazd (THR)
IR 721 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (FRA)
IR 343 Tehran (THR) Tehran (TBZ)
IR 457 Bandar Abbas (BND) Bandar Abbas (THR)
IR 661 Tehran (IKA) Tehran (BEY)
IR 656 Shiraz (SYZ) Shiraz (DXB)
IR 740 Saint Petersburg (LED) Tehran (IKA)
IR 276 Nazluy-ye Jonubi (OMH) Nazluy-ye Jonubi (THR)
IR 294 Tehran (THR) Yazd (AZD)
IR 345 Tehran (THR) Tabriz (TBZ)
IR 327 Lar (LRR) Lar (THR)
IR 375 Zahedan (ZAH) Tehran (THR)
IR 657 Dubai (DXB) Dubai (SYZ)
IR 278 Nazluy-ye Jonubi (OMH) Nazluy-ye Jonubi (THR)
IR 722 Hamburg (HAM) Hamburg (IKA)
IR 376 Kerman (KER) Zahedan (ZAH)

Iran Air Information

How to check the flight status of my Iran Air flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of Iran Air.

Track Iran Air Flights