KLM Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

KLM Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my KLM flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask KLM to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your KLM flight.

What are my passenger rights if my KLM flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the KLM to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled KLM flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled KLM flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

KLM Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of KLM?

Please visit the baggage allowance of KLM to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for KLM flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of KLM to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on KLM. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

KLM (KL) Flights

Flight Source Destination
KL 3109 Tbilisi (TBS) Tbilisi (AMS)
KL 3588 Naples (NAP) Milan (LIN)
KL 2277 Dakar (DKR) Paris (CDG)
KL 2143 San Francisco (SFO) San Francisco (CDG)
KL 3488 Brindisi (BDS) Rome (FCO)
KL 1659 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (VCE)
KL 3582 Verona (VRN) Rome (FCO)
KL 3434 Brindisi (BDS) Rome (FCO)
KL 587 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (LOS)
KL 2779 Lamezia-Terme (SUF) Milan (LIN)
KL 1110 Stockholm (ARN) Stockholm (AMS)
KL 2278 Paris (CDG) Dakar (DKR)
KL 6058 Minneapolis (MSP) Minneapolis (AMS)
KL 811 Amsterdam (AMS) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
KL 2286 Paris (CDG) Bamako (BKO)
KL 897 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (PEK)
KL 3559 Rome (FCO) Lamezia-Terme (SUF)
KL 2187 Genoa (GOA) Genoa (CDG)
KL 2113 Paris (CDG) Paris (PVG)
KL 6028 Atlanta (ATL) Atlanta (MAD)
KL 2781 Rome (FCO) Turin (TRN)
KL 571 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (JRO)
KL 3152 Dublin (DUB) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 3454 Catania (CTA) Rome (FCO)
KL 2313 Nantes (NTE) Nantes (CDG)
KL 2247 Buenos Aires (EZE) Paris (CDG)
KL 1093 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (MAN)
KL 436 Doha (DOH) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 2257 Yaounde (NSI) Yaounde (CDG)
KL 2258 Paris (CDG) Paris (SCL)
KL 1554 Turin (TRN) Turin (AMS)
KL 2753 Milan (LIN) Naples (NAP)
KL 876 Bangkok (BKK) Bangkok (AMS)
KL 3485 Rome (FCO) Cagliari (CAG)
KL 6038 Atlanta (ATL) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 2013 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (CDG)
KL 2231 Punta Cana (PUJ) Punta Cana (CDG)
KL 2659 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (VLC)
KL 3616 Catania (CTA) Milan (LIN)
KL 1387 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (KBP)
KL 771 Aruba (AUA) Aruba (AMS)
KL 2253 Malabo (SSG) Malabo (DLA)
KL 3592 Venice (VCE) Rome (FCO)
KL 612 Chicago (ORD) Chicago (AMS)
KL 3475 Milan (LIN) Catania (CTA)
KL 2621 Valencia (VLC) Valencia (AMS)
KL 3549 Rome (FCO) Reggio Calabria (REG)
KL 2532 Las Palmas (LPA) Las Palmas (AMS)
KL 3423 Rome (FCO) Bari (BRI)
KL 3172 Cork (ORK) Cork (AMS)
KL 3478 Rome (FCO) Naples (NAP)
KL 6041 Rome (FCO) Atlanta (ATL)
KL 3554 Reggio Calabria (REG) Rome (FCO)
KL 2339 Brest (BES) Brest (CDG)
KL 2804 Cagliari (CAG) Rome (FCO)
KL 1789 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (HAM)
KL 3447 Bari (BRI) Rome (FCO)
KL 3369 La Coruna (LCG) La Coruna (MAD)
KL 2760 Naples (NAP) Milan (LIN)
KL 2570 Heraklion (HER) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 1686 Bilbao (BIO) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 2755 Rome (FCO) Cagliari (CAG)
KL 2184 Paris (CDG) Algiers (ALG)
KL 3339 Las Palmas (LPA) Las Palmas (MAD)
KL 1795 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (MUC)
KL 1313 Amsterdam (AMS) Toulouse (TLS)
KL 2424 Rotterdam (RTM) London (LCY)
KL 3470 Catania (CTA) Rome (FCO)
KL 2129 Florence (FLR) Florence (CDG)
KL 3380 Vigo (VGO) Vigo (MAD)
KL 745 Bogota (BOG) Cali (CLO)
KL 2791 Rome (FCO) New York (JFK)
KL 3441 Bari (BRI) Rome (FCO)
KL 2224 Paris (CDG) Paris (WUH)
KL 2107 Turin (TRN) Turin (CDG)
KL 3440 Cagliari (CAG) Rome (FCO)
KL 1775 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (FRA)
KL 2758 Reggio Calabria (REG) Rome (FCO)
KL 2782 Turin (TRN) Rome (FCO)
KL 2574 Girona (GRO) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 2259 Santiago (SCL) Santiago (CDG)
KL 2023 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (CDG)
KL 3086 Minsk (MSQ) Minsk (AMS)
KL 1912 Hanover (HAJ) Hanover (AMS)
KL 3161 Amsterdam (AMS) Dublin (DUB)
KL 1673 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BCN)
KL 2292 Nouakchott (NKC) Nouakchott (CKY)
KL 2747 Miami (MIA) Rome (FCO)
KL 2225 Ndjamena (NDJ) Ndjamena (CDG)
KL 1776 Hamburg (HAM) Hamburg (AMS)
KL 2103 Turin (TRN) Turin (CDG)
KL 2751 Milan (LIN) Naples (NAP)
KL 6192 New York (JFK) New York (DUB)
KL 2246 Paris (CDG) Buenos Aires (EZE)
KL 2239 Amman (AMM) Amman (CDG)
KL 3173 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (ORK)
KL 569 Dar Es Salaam (DAR) Dar Es Salaam (AMS)
KL 1991 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BSL)
KL 758 Panama City (PTY) Panama City (AMS)
KL 2816 Catania (CTA) Rome (FCO)
KL 3542 Palermo (PMO) Rome (FCO)
KL 2257 Bangui (BGF) Bangui (NSI)
KL 2425 London (LCY) Rotterdam (RTM)
KL 2017 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (CDG)
KL 3426 Bologna (BLQ) Rome (FCO)
KL 582 Luanda (LAD) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 411 Kuwait (KWI) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 6015 Amsterdam (AMS) Seattle (SEA)
KL 2195 Conakry (CKY) Paris (CDG)
KL 3091 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (RIX)
KL 2823 Belgrade (BEG) Belgrade (AMS)
KL 1243 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (CDG)
KL 1209 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (KRS)
KL 2196 Luanda (LAD) Luanda (CDG)
KL 2683 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (IBZ)
KL 2293 Conakry (CKY) Conakry (NKC)
KL 3435 Milan (LIN) Bari (BRI)
KL 3429 Trieste (TRS) Rome (FCO)
KL 3597 Tirana (TIA) Rome (FCO)
KL 3593 Rome (FCO) Malta (MLA)
KL 6103 New York (JFK) New York (LHR)
KL 2172 Paris (CDG) Paris (TUN)
KL 2681 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (IBZ)
KL 1990 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse (BSL) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 2799 Reggio Calabria (REG) Milan (LIN)
KL 1757 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BRE)
KL 2768 Palermo (PMO) Milan (LIN)
KL 2119 Abuja (ABV) Abuja (CDG)
KL 6153 Shannon (SNN) New York (JFK)
KL 3521 Rome (FCO) Palermo (PMO)
KL 1181 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (LPI)
KL 2794 Tirana (TIA) Rome (FCO)
KL 2595 Las Palmas (LPA) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 2641 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (ALC)
KL 2634 Alicante (ALC) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 1681 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BCN)
KL 606 San Francisco (SFO) San Francisco (AMS)
KL 3815 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BOM)
KL 1809 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (DRS)
KL 1051 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BRS)
KL 2681 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 3097 Kiev/Kyiv (KBP) Kiev/Kyiv (AMS)
KL 1703 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (MAD)
KL 2723 Bucharest (OTP) Bucharest (IAS)
KL 1530 Durham Tees Valley (MME) Durham Tees Valley (AMS)
KL 2436 Rotterdam (RTM) London (LCY)
KL 2752 Catania (CTA) Rome (FCO)
KL 2812 Catania (CTA) Rome (FCO)
KL 3527 Milan (LIN) Palermo (PMO)
KL 2203 Ljubljana (LJU) Ljubljana (CDG)
KL 2748 Rome (FCO) Miami (MIA)
KL 1868 Stuttgart (STR) Stuttgart (AMS)
KL 6056 New York (JFK) New York (KEF)
KL 1412 Lyon (LYS) Lyon (AMS)
KL 1987 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BSL)
KL 3076 Sofia (SOF) Sofia (AMS)
KL 2588 Porto (OPO) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 405 Almaty (ALA) Astana (TSE)
KL 2630 Tenerife (TFS) Tenerife (AMS)
KL 4815 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (PVG)
KL 685 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (MEX)
KL 2682 Ibiza (IBZ) Ibiza (AMS)
KL 3463 Rome (FCO) Catania (CTA)
KL 3580 Verona (VRN) Rome (FCO)
KL 6111 London (LHR) London (MSP)
KL 3350 Palma Mallorca (PMI) Palma Mallorca (BCN)
KL 2780 Turin (TRN) Rome (FCO)
KL 435 Amsterdam (AMS) Doha (DOH)
KL 3814 Mumbai (BOM) Mumbai (AMS)
KL 3390 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (AMS)
KL 3507 Rome (FCO) Venice (VCE)
KL 2047 Paris (CDG) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse (BSL)
KL 3490 Naples (NAP) Rome (FCO)
KL 3444 Bari (BRI) Rome (FCO)
KL 2018 Strasbourg (SXB) Strasbourg (AMS)
KL 2649 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (AGP)
KL 2801 Cagliari (CAG) Rome (FCO)
KL 1289 Amsterdam (AMS) Edinburgh (EDI)
KL 2128 Paris (CDG) Florence (FLR)
KL 2786 Rome (FCO) Florence (FLR)
KL 3486 Genoa (GOA) Rome (FCO)
KL 2006 Paris (CDG) Paris (AMS)
KL 1419 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (LYS)
KL 701 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (EZE)
KL 3389 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (TFN)
KL 3325 Bilbao (BIO) Bilbao (MAD)
KL 2020 Strasbourg (SXB) Strasbourg (AMS)
KL 2137 Paris (CDG) Paris (PEK)
KL 537 Entebbe (EBB) Entebbe (AMS)
KL 6075 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (ATL)
KL 2046 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse (BSL) Paris (CDG)
KL 730 Sint Maarten (SXM) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 539 Kigali (KGL) Kigali (EBB)
KL 2180 Paris (CDG) Paris (ALG)
KL 2179 Tunis (TUN) Tunis (CDG)
KL 6036 Detroit (DTW) Rome (FCO)
KL 6095 Barcelona (BCN) New York (JFK)
KL 3476 Turin (TRN) Rome (FCO)
KL 2401 London (LCY) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 3183 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (SVO)
KL 2021 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (SXB)
KL 3514 Palermo (PMO) Rome (FCO)
KL 2008 Paris (CDG) Paris (AMS)
KL 3372 Las Palmas (LPA) Las Palmas (MAD)
KL 2041 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (MRS)
KL 1714 Valencia (VLC) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 2263 Pointe-a-Pitre (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre (ORY)
KL 1177 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (TRD)
KL 713 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (PBM)
KL 1369 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (WAW)
KL 2121 Sofia (SOF) Paris (CDG)
KL 3393 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (MAD)
KL 3458 Milan (LIN) Cagliari (CAG)
KL 3552 Reggio Calabria (REG) Rome (FCO)
KL 3417 Amsterdam (AMS) Milan (LIN)
KL 2658 Valencia (VLC) Valencia (AMS)
KL 1021 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (LHR)
KL 3564 Lamezia-Terme (SUF) Rome (FCO)
KL 675 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (YEG)
KL 676 Edmonton (YEG) Edmonton (AMS)
KL 1182 Linkoping (LPI) Linkoping (AMS)
KL 3370 La Coruna (LCG) La Coruna (MAD)
KL 4300 Guangzhou (CAN) Guangzhou (AMS)
KL 3373 Tenerife (TFN) Tenerife (MAD)
KL 1413 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (LYS)
KL 3337 Bilbao (BIO) Bilbao (MAD)
KL 3512 Genoa (GOA) Rome (FCO)
KL 3605 Cagliari (CAG) Milan (LIN)
KL 2192 Paris (CDG) Paris (RBA)
KL 2155 Naples (NAP) Naples (CDG)
KL 2261 Pointe-a-Pitre (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre (ORY)
KL 2191 Genoa (GOA) Paris (CDG)
KL 3408 Verona (VRN) Rome (FCO)
KL 2245 Cayenne (CAY) Cayenne (ORY)
KL 1140 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (AMS)
KL 3510 Genoa (GOA) Rome (FCO)
KL 3348 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (LPA)
KL 2229 Luanda (LAD) Paris (CDG)
KL 6017 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (BOS)
KL 3365 Barcelona (BCN) Tenerife (TFN)
KL 6047 Detroit (DTW) Munich (MUC)
KL 1904 Hanover (HAJ) Hanover (AMS)
KL 3598 Venice (VCE) Rome (FCO)
KL 4141 Amsterdam (AMS) Amsterdam (NBO)
KL 2431 London (LCY) Rotterdam (RTM)
KL 3602 Venice (VCE) Rome (FCO)
KL 3502 Brindisi (BDS) Milan (LIN)
KL 2672 Faro (FAO) Amsterdam (AMS)
KL 3324 Madrid (MAD) Madrid (ACE)
KL 2624 Marrakech (RAK) Marrakech (AMS)

KLM Information

What is the website of KLM?

The website of KLM is https://www.klm.com/.

How to reach the customer service of KLM?

You can contact the customer service of KLM on 1-800-447-4747.

How to do web check-in for my KLM flight?

The web check-in usually opens 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. Please check the airlines website to see if the web check-in is open or not.

How to check the flight status of my KLM flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of KLM.

Track KLM Flights