Wideroe Status and Compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you might get up to 600 Euros (US $740) in compensation as per EU Regulations.

Wideroe Flight Delays & Cancellations

What to do if my Wideroe flight is cancelled at the last minute?

You should ask Wideroe to give you an alternate flight. Also, you should also check if you are entitled to get compensation for this flight. Please use Instalocate calculator to find out how much compensation you can get for your Wideroe flight.

What are my passenger rights if my Wideroe flight is delayed by several hours?

Flight delays always create lot of problems for the passengers. Please check if you are entitled to get any compensation for your flight. Also, ask the Wideroe to give you accomodation (e.g. hotel) and food vouchers.

How can I get compensation for the delayed or cancelled Wideroe flight?

Share the flight details here and our compensation team will analyze your flight details and will get back to you about the compensation.

What is thet total amount of compensation I can get for my delayed or cancelled Wideroe flight?

Please use Instalocate compensation calculator to check how much compensation you are eligible to get.

Wideroe Baggage Allowance

How to check the baggage allowance policies of Wideroe?

Please visit the of Wideroe to find out the details of baggage allowance of your flight.

What is the weight limit of the checked-in baggage for Wideroe flight?

The weight limit depends on various factors like type of ticket, source and destination cities, domestic vs international. We suggest that you check the website of Wideroe to get the exact details depending upon your ticket.

What is the weight limit of the cabin baggage?

Generally, the weight limit of the cabin baggage is 7 kgs (15 pounds). However, it might differ depending upon the plane size.

I am flying economy class on Wideroe. What is the baggage limit?

For the economy class, the weight limit is always on the lower side. It depends on the type of ticket, source and destination places. For example: it is 23 kgs within Europe.

Wideroe (WF) Flights

Flight Source Destination
WF 951 Batsfjord (BJF) Vadso (VDS)
WF 735 Bodo (BOO) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 846 Andenes (ANX) Tromso (TOS)
WF 953 Vadso (VDS) Kirkenes (KKN)
WF 935 Honningsvag (HVG) Hammerfest (HFT)
WF 940 Tromso (TOS) Hammerfest (HFT)
WF 960 Tromso (TOS) Hammerfest (HFT)
WF 681 Tromso (TOS) Sorkjosen (SOJ)
WF 483 Trondheim (TRD) Trondheim (TRF)
WF 685 Lakselv (LKL) Tromso (TOS)
WF 960 Hammerfest (HFT) Berlevag (BVG)
WF 800 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (LKN)
WF 568 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (KSU)
WF 702 Sandnessjoen (SSJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 368 Stavanger (SVG) Stavanger (ABZ)
WF 756 Mo i Rana (MQN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 408 Sandefjord (TRF) Sandefjord (BGO)
WF 842 Andenes (ANX) Tromso (TOS)
WF 55 Roros (RRS) Roros (OSL)
WF 105 Floro (FRO) Floro (BGO)
WF 931 Alta (ALF) Sorkjosen (SOJ)
WF 805 Rost (RET) Leknes (LKN)
WF 883 Tromso (TOS) Stokmarknes (SKN)
WF 545 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (SVG)
WF 725 Bodo (BOO) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 696 Tromso (TOS) Kirkenes (KKN)
WF 754 Trondheim (TRD) Mosjoen (MJF)
WF 511 Trondheim (TRD) Molde (MOL)
WF 614 Bodo (BOO) Tromso (TOS)
WF 510 Bergen (BGO) Molde (MOL)
WF 722 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 633 Tromso (TOS) Harstad-Narvik (EVE)
WF 367 Aberdeen (ABZ) Stavanger (SVG)
WF 757 Mo i Rana (MQN) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 944 Tromso (TOS) Sorkjosen (SOJ)
WF 141 Sogndal (SOG) Oslo (OSL)
WF 588 Kristiansand (KRS) Kristiansand (BGO)
WF 702 Bronnoysund (BNN) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 102 Floro (FRO) Forde (FDE)
WF 637 Harstad-Narvik (EVE) Bodo (BOO)
WF 196 Forde (FDE) Forde (OSL)
WF 670 Tromso (TOS) Alta (ALF)
WF 728 Trondheim (TRD) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 707 Bodo (BOO) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 714 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 789 Bronnoysund (BNN) Oslo (OSL)
WF 739 Sandnessjoen (SSJ) Sandnessjoen (BOO)
WF 482 Trondheim (TRD) Tromso (TOS)
WF 588 Stavanger (SVG) Bergen (BGO)
WF 764 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 689 Lakselv (LKL) Tromso (TOS)
WF 684 Tromso (TOS) Lakselv (LKL)
WF 491 Trondheim (TRD) Sandefjord (TRF)
WF 851 Tromso (TOS) Andenes (ANX)
WF 419 Bergen (BGO) Sandefjord (TRF)
WF 932 Mehamn (MEH) Berlevag (BVG)
WF 187 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (FDE)
WF 143 Bergen (BGO) Sogndal (SOG)
WF 266 Kristiansand (KRS) Copenhagen (CPH)
WF 163 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (SOG)
WF 822 Bodo (BOO) Leknes (LKN)
WF 892 Stokmarknes (SKN) Tromso (TOS)
WF 193 Forde (FDE) Forde (BGO)
WF 404 Sandefjord (TRF) Sandefjord (BGO)
WF 705 Sandnessjoen (SSJ) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 718 Sandnessjoen (SSJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 846 Stokmarknes (SKN) Andenes (ANX)
WF 807 Leknes (LKN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 683 Lakselv (LKL) Tromso (TOS)
WF 921 Tromso (TOS) Hammerfest (HFT)
WF 585 Bergen (BGO) Kristiansand (KRS)
WF 759 Bodo (BOO) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 734 Mosjoen (MJF) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 848 Bodo (BOO) Andenes (ANX)
WF 681 Lakselv (LKL) Tromso (TOS)
WF 112 Bergen (BGO) Floro (FRO)
WF 744 Trondheim (TRD) Namsos (OSY)
WF 590 Kristiansand (KRS) Kristiansand (BGO)
WF 759 Mosjoen (MJF) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 489 Trondheim (TRD) Sandefjord (TRF)
WF 573 Kristiansund (KSU) Bergen (BGO)
WF 173 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (HOV)
WF 483 Tromso (TOS) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 785 Bronnoysund (BNN) Oslo (OSL)
WF 714 Bronnoysund (BNN) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 937 Alta (ALF) Vadso (VDS)
WF 817 Leknes (LKN) Leknes (BOO)
WF 577 Kristiansund (KSU) Kristiansund (BGO)
WF 678 Tromso (TOS) Alta (ALF)
WF 445 Stavanger (SVG) Sandefjord (TRF)
WF 473 Stavanger (SVG) Kristiansand (KRS)
WF 934 Honningsvag (HVG) Mehamn (MEH)
WF 336 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (GOT)
WF 815 Svolvaer (SVJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 444 Sandefjord (TRF) Stavanger (SVG)
WF 709 Bodo (BOO) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 808 Bodo (BOO) Bodo (LKN)
WF 276 Kristiansand (KRS) Kristiansand (CPH)
WF 940 Hammerfest (HFT) Honningsvag (HVG)
WF 507 Bergen (BGO) Haugesund (HAU)
WF 758 Mo i Rana (MQN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 113 Floro (FRO) Bergen (BGO)
WF 885 Svolvaer (SVJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 452 Bergen (BGO) Aalesund (AES)
WF 688 Tromso (TOS) Lakselv (LKL)
WF 936 Hammerfest (HFT) Alta (ALF)
WF 976 Tromso (TOS) Hammerfest (HFT)
WF 957 Kirkenes (KKN) Vadso (VDS)
WF 147 Oslo (OSL) Sogndal (SOG)
WF 931 Kirkenes (KKN) Vadso (VDS)
WF 638 Bodo (BOO) Harstad-Narvik (EVE)
WF 508 Haugesund (HAU) Bergen (BGO)
WF 676 Tromso (TOS) Alta (ALF)
WF 399 Aberdeen (ABZ) Aberdeen (BGO)
WF 279 Copenhagen (CPH) Kristiansand (KRS)
WF 726 Trondheim (TRD) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 166 Floro (FRO) Orsta-Volda (HOV)
WF 461 Tromso (TOS) Oslo (OSL)
WF 425 Bergen (BGO) Sandefjord (TRF)
WF 937 Sorkjosen (SOJ) Tromso (TOS)
WF 365 Aberdeen (ABZ) Stavanger (SVG)
WF 826 Bodo (BOO) Leknes (LKN)
WF 366 Stavanger (SVG) Aberdeen (ABZ)
WF 842 Stokmarknes (SKN) Andenes (ANX)
WF 470 Stavanger (SVG) Floro (FRO)
WF 501 Bergen (BGO) Haugesund (HAU)
WF 692 Tromso (TOS) Kirkenes (KKN)
WF 847 Tromso (TOS) Andenes (ANX)
WF 982 Tromso (TOS) Vadso (VDS)
WF 106 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (FRO)
WF 327 Gothenburg (GOT) Gothenburg (OSL)
WF 615 Tromso (TOS) Bodo (BOO)
WF 490 Sandefjord (TRF) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 632 Harstad-Narvik (EVE) Tromso (TOS)
WF 825 Svolvaer (SVJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 713 Bronnoysund (BNN) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 705 Bodo (BOO) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 739 Namsos (OSY) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 627 Tromso (TOS) Harstad-Narvik (EVE)
WF 934 Mehamn (MEH) Vadso (VDS)
WF 598 Kristiansand (KRS) Bergen (BGO)
WF 827 Leknes (LKN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 794 Oslo (OSL) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 757 Bodo (BOO) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 716 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 614 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (BOO)
WF 674 Tromso (TOS) Alta (ALF)
WF 195 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (FDE)
WF 935 Hammerfest (HFT) Tromso (TOS)
WF 697 Kirkenes (KKN) Tromso (TOS)
WF 396 Bergen (BGO) Aberdeen (ABZ)
WF 937 Vadso (VDS) Batsfjord (BJF)
WF 535 Trondheim (TRD) Molde (MOL)
WF 810 Rost (RET) Rost (BOO)
WF 957 Vardoe (VAW) Batsfjord (BJF)
WF 741 Namsos (OSY) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 933 Mehamn (MEH) Honningsvag (HVG)
WF 196 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (FDE)
WF 634 Harstad-Narvik (EVE) Tromso (TOS)
WF 904 Tromso (TOS) Hammerfest (HFT)
WF 816 Bodo (BOO) Bodo (LKN)
WF 937 Batsfjord (BJF) Mehamn (MEH)
WF 514 Bergen (BGO) Molde (MOL)
WF 708 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 512 Bergen (BGO) Molde (MOL)
WF 568 Stavanger (SVG) Bergen (BGO)
WF 163 Bergen (BGO) Orsta-Volda (HOV)
WF 127 Floro (FRO) Floro (OSL)
WF 681 Tromso (TOS) Alta (ALF)
WF 889 Stokmarknes (SKN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 930 Tromso (TOS) Hasvik (HAA)
WF 849 Tromso (TOS) Andenes (ANX)
WF 742 Namsos (OSY) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 713 Bodo (BOO) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 712 Bronnoysund (BNN) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 694 Tromso (TOS) Kirkenes (KKN)
WF 711 Bodo (BOO) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 596 Kristiansand (KRS) Bergen (BGO)
WF 572 Bergen (BGO) Kristiansund (KSU)
WF 739 Mosjoen (MJF) Namsos (OSY)
WF 951 Kirkenes (KKN) Vardoe (VAW)
WF 702 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 155 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (SOG)
WF 881 Stokmarknes (SKN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 944 Kirkenes (KKN) Vadso (VDS)
WF 819 Svolvaer (SVJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 152 Sogndal (SOG) Sandane (SDN)
WF 631 Harstad-Narvik (EVE) Bodo (BOO)
WF 931 Sorkjosen (SOJ) Tromso (TOS)
WF 716 Bodo (BOO) Bodo (BNN)
WF 446 Sandefjord (TRF) Sandefjord (SVG)
WF 887 Stokmarknes (SKN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 805 Leknes (LKN) Leknes (BOO)
WF 179 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (HOV)
WF 488 Sandefjord (TRF) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 881 Svolvaer (SVJ) Stokmarknes (SKN)
WF 416 Sandefjord (TRF) Bergen (BGO)
WF 739 Bodo (BOO) Mosjoen (MJF)
WF 162 Oslo (OSL) Oslo (SOG)
WF 471 Stavanger (SVG) Stavanger (KRS)
WF 737 Bodo (BOO) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 961 Hammerfest (HFT) Tromso (TOS)
WF 745 Mo i Rana (MQN) Roervik (RVK)
WF 809 Bodo (BOO) Rost (RET)
WF 984 Tromso (TOS) Vadso (VDS)
WF 540 Stavanger (SVG) Stavanger (BGO)
WF 166 Bergen (BGO) Floro (FRO)
WF 143 Sogndal (SOG) Oslo (OSL)
WF 922 Tromso (TOS) Sorkjosen (SOJ)
WF 923 Sorkjosen (SOJ) Tromso (TOS)
WF 921 Hammerfest (HFT) Hasvik (HAA)
WF 682 Lakselv (LKL) Alta (ALF)
WF 604 Kristiansand (KRS) Kristiansand (TRD)
WF 717 Bronnoysund (BNN) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 707 Bronnoysund (BNN) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 597 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (KRS)
WF 715 Bodo (BOO) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 51 Roros (RRS) Roros (OSL)
WF 891 Stokmarknes (SKN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 443 Stavanger (SVG) Stavanger (TRF)
WF 931 Hammerfest (HFT) Tromso (TOS)
WF 295 Copenhagen (CPH) Haugesund (HAU)
WF 937 Mehamn (MEH) Honningsvag (HVG)
WF 889 Tromso (TOS) Stokmarknes (SKN)
WF 812 Bodo (BOO) Bodo (LKN)
WF 734 Trondheim (TRD) Mosjoen (MJF)
WF 803 Svolvaer (SVJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 104 Bergen (BGO) Bergen (FRO)
WF 433 Stavanger (SVG) Sandefjord (TRF)
WF 706 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)
WF 632 Bodo (BOO) Harstad-Narvik (EVE)
WF 765 Bodo (BOO) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 759 Mo i Rana (MQN) Mosjoen (MJF)
WF 856 Bodo (BOO) Narvik (NVK)
WF 951 Vardoe (VAW) Batsfjord (BJF)
WF 752 Trondheim (TRD) Mosjoen (MJF)
WF 592 Kristiansand (KRS) Kristiansand (BGO)
WF 960 Batsfjord (BJF) Vardoe (VAW)
WF 830 Bodo (BOO) Leknes (LKN)
WF 531 Bodo (BOO) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 118 Bergen (BGO) Floro (FRO)
WF 267 Kristiansand (KRS) Trondheim (TRD)
WF 764 Mo i Rana (MQN) Bodo (BOO)
WF 811 Svolvaer (SVJ) Bodo (BOO)
WF 858 Bodo (BOO) Narvik (NVK)
WF 484 Sandefjord (TRF) Sandefjord (TRD)
WF 763 Bodo (BOO) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 733 Bodo (BOO) Mo i Rana (MQN)
WF 724 Bronnoysund (BNN) Sandnessjoen (SSJ)
WF 712 Trondheim (TRD) Bronnoysund (BNN)

Wideroe Information

How to reach the customer service of Wideroe?

You can contact the customer service of Wideroe on +47 81001200.

How to check the flight status of my Wideroe flight?

Please visit flight status tracker on Instalocate to get the flight status of Wideroe.

Track Wideroe Flights