Passenger Rights in India when flight is delayed or cancelled?

Travel is growing swiftly in Indian skies, and so are flight disruptions by airlines. Delays and cancellations can be irksome and expensive, but the good news is, you have right to claim compensation as a passenger, if the cancellation/delay was caused by the fault of airline, and not ‘extraordinary circumstances’. We bring you situation in which you may file claim below:

Flight Cancellation

The airline is supposed to inform you of a cancellation at least two weeks before your flight’s scheduled departure, and arrange an alternate flight, or refund.

If you’re informed of the cancellation between two weeks to 24 hours of your flight’s scheduled departure, the airline has to offer following:

  • Alternate flight option or refund (whatever you prefer).
  • Refreshments and meals while waiting at the airport.
  • Hotel accommodation (including commute) if the waiting time is over 24 hours.
  • You are also eligible to get compensation, even after you get a refund/alternate right. Compensation as below:
Flight Duration Min. Compensation Max.
Up to 1 hour Flight fare / Fuel charges INR 5,000
Between 1 to 2 hours Flight fare / Fuel charges INR 7,500
More than two hours Flight fare / Fuel charges INR 10,000
Denied Boarding

Have the airline crew told you that flight is overbooked and you cannot fly in same flight? This is a case of denied boarding. This scenario is getting more and more familiar. To accommodate an overbooked flight, airlines generally ask for ‘volunteers’ to give up their seats in exchange for amenities and alternate flights. Sometimes they ‘bump off’ the confirmed passengers involuntarily. Sadly, this practice is legal and within the airline’s rights.

However, if they deny you boarding without your consent, they’re liable to pay you monetary compensation amounting to:

Alternate flight arranged Min. Compensation Max
Within 24 hours
  • 200% of airline fare,
  • Airline fuel charge.
INR 10,000
After 24 hours
  • 400% of airline fare,
  • Airline fuel charge.
INR 20,000
Decided to not take any alternate flight
  • Full ticket refund,
  • 400% of airline fare,
  • Airline fuel charge.
INR 20,000
Delayed Flights

If you are travelling by an Indian carrier like Jet, Air India etc and your fight is delayed you are eligible to get food, accommodation. You are eligible to these in the following

Flight duration Flight delay time
Upto 2.5 Hours Two hours
Between 2.5 to 5 hours Three hours
More than 5 hours Four hours

When the expected delay is more than 24 hours, the airline should provide Hotel Accommodation and Commute free of charge, when necessary,

P.s: Be informed that the right of proof concerning whether the airline informed you of cancellation/delay properly and in time or not rests with the airline. On your part, make sure you’ve furnished your address and contact information correctly while booking your ticket. Be aware of your rights, and travel easy!

Flying on an India Carrier from Europe?

If your Jet Airways, IndiGo Airlines, Air India, Vistara Airlines flight is flying from any airport in Europe you might be eligible to get a compensation upto $650. As per Flight Compensation Regulation EC 261/2004 (know more).

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